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Someone please tell me he's not this stupid...

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With all the drama going on, I still felt that SO and I were doing better. Even moving towards ground where I could see us married. Then he says the stupidest things...

"everyone says I don't need a lawyer."

First of all, I say you do, so "everyone" does not.

Let's recap the rest...

BM left you and SD, twice. Which is grounds for abandonment, which should have given you full custody when you went after it the first time. Not to mention the domestic violence charge against her. However, she had a lawyer, you didn't, you ended up with joint custody.

When you went for your divorce, she had a lawyer, you didn't. She chooses to only work 25 hours a week, so she won CS. You had to start paying in December, but she got two extra months being on your health insurance. Making sure that you weren't divorced by the end of the year so you could file your taxes Single this year. She also got away with taking over 30k from your joint accounts prior to the legal separation.

So...when you go to court and she has a lawyer, you don't, you don't do awesome.

Now you are going back to court for full custody because she was arrested for possession of meth. So was her live-in boyfriend, who also sends your 13 year old daughter creepy texts. So what would be the smart thing to do, even if money is tight, (which I haven't seen you cutting out all those "extras") so that you daughter won't go back to that environment? I'd say take a lawyer, he says... "everyone says I don't need a lawyer."

Quite honestly, if he's stupid enough to gamble with the safety of his daughter because he doesn't want to find the money, then he's too stupid to be my husband or the father of my children. I'm hoping he realizes how stupid he was being, for SD's sake as much as ours.


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Lord, men are so ignorant sometimes. I pray you reminded him of all the times 'not needing a lawyer' has hurt him & he realized he was wrong?

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I did tell him that the last two times he went without a lawyer, didn't work out so well for him. However, he didn't say, "yes, you're right again. I'll get a lawyer."

Also, he hasn't even found out how much a lawyer would cost!!! How can you say you don't have enough money, when you don't know the amount?!

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There are times when one needs a lawyer and times when one does not.

Simple moving violation and you are willing to show up to court and protest on your own behalf? One does not need a lawyer.

Straight forward child support modification? One does not necessarily need a lawyer.

Fifth DUI? One probably needs a lawyer.

Being charged with murder? One should lean very heavily towards needing a lawyer.

Custody battle? One definitely needs a lawyer.