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Sharing a laugh...

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I just checked the mail and our child support check came in. BM is still required to pay the back child support she owed prior to her rights being terminated. So they garnish her prison wages (for jobs done in prison) to pay towards it.

This months check: $3.45


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I'd put the checks in an envelope and put them away. They could come in handy some day... like when she tries to pull the "woe is me" trip on the kids about how she was sending half of her income to you, while you kept her locked up in jail. You could hand them to the kids so they can see the whopping $34 all the checks amounted to.

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One gallon of gas to help with taxiing the kids around. One tube of toothpaste, maybe. Hmmm. The possibilities are staggering! LOL!

I think I'd just frame it.

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So true. ^^^ I received not a dime for years for DS. XH lost his drivers license, but that did not seem to make too much of an impression on him. The amount he was ordered to pay was based on unemployment anyway, since he went underground in an effort to avoid paying anything at all.

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Don't think if it so much as giving you $3 but as taking half of her earnings. Thinking she only has $3 left ought to help

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I dunno, your tax dollars pay for her clothes, food, toiletries, and all other amenities.

I know prison is not fun by any stretch, however, you still have to pay for all of the things that she does not. Sorry, devil's advocate.

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Oh, don't get me wrong. I was thinking more of the emotional toll on crazy BM to not have any money to spend the way she chooses. Not that it isn't costing society a ton.

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The first one we received was for $0.35

Literally the postage cost more than what was in the check.

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Hey! Put $1.55 with that, you can get a grande latte AND tip the barista!

We just got an order against BM2, who is a total troll, for $50 a month. She is on state aid and has no "earned income", so she was ordered to pay the state minimum. Of course she won't pay, but she will have her Permanent Fund Dividend garnished and we'll get the money from CSSD once a year from now on.

It's not like $50 really diffuses the cost of caring for SD8 at all, but the fact that she loses a chunk of her PFD is actually extremely gratifying. It's not that I need the money, just more like it burns her that we're getting it.

Petty? Yep. And she started it!

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It is funny when the tables are turned. DH used to have to pay 200+ whatever princess and BM wanted - some months we would spend 300 - 400 and we had her 1/2 the time. Now we have her FT and BM hardly gives us lunch money......CRAZY

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Wow, that is a good start for a college fund to Cracker Jack University.

We pay $1200 a month and we had to keep the kid because BM kicked him out 3 times last year. There is no justice there. The reason I don't mind paying her is because I expect her to take 100% care of the kid so I don't have to....then she practically gives us the kid after she ruined him.

Why can't our BM be in prison? Wishful thinking.