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Why do women put up with this

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Second letter down.

If my DH told me to stay in a hotel for a week so SKids could have "a semblance of normalcy and family" when his EXWife came to town, I would not be coming back. Just insane.


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Hahahahaha, if BM over here came to stay at our house, DH would check himself into a hotel!

But no, this would not be happening and it's certainly not an a semblance of normalcy for a man's wife to stay in a hotel, while the EX plays wife and mother in the current wife's home.

She's been allowing this crap for 5 years? WTF?

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What a freaking idiot.... what would be "NORMAL" would be not PRETENDING that a divorce never happened, not PRETENDING that step mom does not exist, not PRETENDING that they are one big happy family.

Someone needs to tell this man how lucky he is to have his wife.... I suspect that he would be pushing daisys if he had the unfortunate luck of being married to some of us ladies.

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Some women are so desperate for a man. Instead of making her stay in a hotel, the husband should make her stay there and cook and clean for them.

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OMG - DH stopped by to see BM when we were first dating. He'd been living in another state, and BM only lived about a mile from me. So he just stopped in to say hi and that he was back in town.

They'd been divorced for over 20 years. She was remarried and her DH was at home. DH was married to someone else for 15 of those years. I am sure that it was innocent.

But innocent or not it was UNACCEPTABLE to me. As far as I am concerned I get to set the rules about what I allow in my life and what I put up with in a partner. Others might have been okay with it. But I was so NOT okay with it, and if DH had put up any kind of a defense he would NOT be my DH today.

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Stay at a hotel while me and BM have a week together with our kids!