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Just when I thought BM couldn't sink any lower

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Apparently Shitty text SO and told him that SD11 started her period at school (first time for her).

I text back something like sux it happened at school and SO tells me that Shitty said she seemed pretty excited. Cool

Now, I'm thinking, Ok I hate Shitty but finally she is going to have to be there for her kid.

I have already had several talks with SD about starting her period, showed her how to put a pad on her underwear and depose of it properly.

Then I get a text that SD's teacher called and SD is bawling her eyes out because Shitty refuses to pick her up.

WTF, your daughter starts her period for the first time and she doesn't care. She lives 10 minutes away and doesn't work during the day. At least bring her a change of clothes.

I told SO that if Shitty refusing to go get her, I will. I'll take her out to lunch and have a mini celebration with her.

Shitty doesn't deserve to have such a sweet daughter and SD doesn’t deserve such a POS mom.


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I got screwed too!!!

I think the only reason I'd take the SD out of school in this case is because she needs to shower (she's probably been in nasty clothes for a long time trying to get her mom to pick her up) & her eyes are probably all red and puffy from crying over her shitty mom.

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I just remember when I started mine at 13. My mom was mad and immediately told my dad. I was so embarrassed. She even was trying to make me use tampons and I couldn't. And the only sex talk I had with my mom was "If you get pregnant your out of this house"---Not that I think SD needs a sex talk at 11.

I just want her to have a good memory from the experience. Like you said 30+ years of crappiness...why not take her to lunch and let her skip a few hrs of school?

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I stayed home today because the cramps and back pain are killing me. EVERYTHING my students did yesterday bugged me.

No need to celebrate.

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wow. i got a pad, a 'congrats, u're now a young lady', and a 'don't miss the bus'. i 'leaked' once and borrowed a friend's jacket to tie around my waist. damn, wish i had known i coulda gotten a party and the day off!!! now i feel cheated....

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nah the pregnancy talk wasnt an issue. plus, mom had already tried that and i was like "um, yeah i already know." she was so relieved!!!

i was 9 y.o., but it was just another part of getting older. u know it's gonna happen, adn will keep happening for another 30 years. no big surprise, u just handled it and went about your day. not sure nowadays tho' - thank GAWD for just boys!!!!

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This is her first period. Chances are she's just spotting. Since the school nurse didn't tell mom she has to be picked up, chances are her clothes didn't get messed up.

Really, it isn't common to have a heavy flow the first time around.

I bet the kid is crying because going out to celebrate is the thing to do among her peers.

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I had a very heavy first period. Well, not very heavy for an adult woman but it was enough to ruin my underwear and get on my pants. They were jeans, so it just looked like a wet spot from the outside (they were dark) but I still had to get a change of clothes.

I specifically remember thinking I was peeing on myself a little. Lol!

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When I was in 5th grade, a classmate started her period for the first time. It was heavy and went through her underpants AND pants, which were orange. You could see the blood. Her mother took her home because she obviously needed a shower. Sad

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I started at school... most embarrassing thing EVER! I stayed in the girl's locker room and my dad shows up with a see through bag full of pads. The worst part.. The cafeteria was right in between the main entrance where he was coming in and the locker rooms and .. yeah the cafeteria was FULL.

I got ripped off too!

Your SD is lucky to have you. I would pick mine up too if it started at school or ever needed a change of clothes. I have picked 2 of my SDs up for pooping their pants.. there was a nasty stomach virus going around at the time. One of them was in HS and the other was in Kindergarten.

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When my daughter started her period, we went out and I called it her Period Party. We had a great time. She is now 22. We still joke sometimes about her period party. It meant alot to her.

And , yes her mom just leaving her at school proves what a POS she is. Lazy ass woman.

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Sounds like our BM. She was blowing up SO's phone with calls and texts. Which he ignored then finally she texted 911 emergency so he answered. She wanted him to run over there immediately because SD started her period :jawdrop: :jawdrop: . He told her "hell no" that is for you to deal with. She was pissed because he didn't go running over there.

Then come to find out it wasn't really even her period just a little spotting and she ended up starting a few months later. But to top it off she wouldn't even take her to go buy pads!!! Made her use toilet paper :sick: :sick: She just wanted SO to run over there for her sake. Poor SD was so embarrassed and mad at her mom over that one. I ended up taking her to the store when she got home and got her everything she needed. To this day she takes pads from our house because BM won't buy them for her. These women are real class acts!!!

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Since I have to provide tooth brushes, tooth paste and shampoo for Skids to take to BM's because she won't buy the stuff, I'm sure I'll be sending pads to her house too.

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What is the matter with these women????? Makes no scene to me. I am a bio mom and I would do anything for my kids. just wow