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Well court totally sucked!!!

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SO had court yesterday to deal with the issue of BM living with her druggie BF. SD came to us and said that she was afraid to live there because of all the drama. BM hadn't been giving SO her BF's drug tests so she stayed with us for a month while SO tried to work it out with BM. Per the court order if BM didn't supply SO with drug tests he could keep her until further order of the court. She wouldn't agree to anything so off to court they went. The judge ordered them to follow the current order pending mediation. Yesterday was mediation and court.

They spent 3 hours in mediation only to walk out with exactly the same damn order they have now. BM lives with her druggie BF, SO gets drug tests mailed to him weekly. If SO doesn't get a drug test then he has to take the issue to court :? :? Which is BS because every time in the past that he tested dirty she said he moved out. Then SD would lie about him living there. The courts are perfectly fine with SD living with a known druggie and drug dealer. His arrest record has all his charges on it. The mediator told BM that she was making bad choices :jawdrop: That was it not even a slap on the wrist. He ripped SO a new ass hole for keeping SD even though the court order stated that he could do that. When SO pointed it out he backtracked. But it just makes me sick that she can do all this crap and nothing happens to her.

Then they went back to court for CS and BM made a big stink because she thinks he got a raise and is hiding it from her. The only good thing was the judge told her to get a job and quit relying on CS to live off. She only said that because she ordered 50/50 on all medical costs. BM started whining about how she can't afford it. So the judge said get a job then. LOL


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Did DH go with a lawyer? I don't understand that judges thinking. Have ya'll tried calling CPS?

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Here in CA you have to meet with the mediator no lawyers allowed. Then if you can't agree you can go before the judge who 99% of the time goes by the mediators report. So its all done till the next time she screws up but then we won't even do anything. It is pointless if they let this go with nothing I don't know what it will take to get her out of there.

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I know!!! She is 14 and the mediator didn't even want to speak to her :? :? He said that he was only there to make sure SD's best interests were served. Really??? She could be in a nice stable home SO was asking for M-F with BM getting Fri after school to Monday drop off at school. He didn't even consider it!!!! It was so disheartening Sad