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I think my BS may be teething. He is only 4 months and 1 week old and I know they say the first teeth start coming in at about 6 months. But I think he may be in the early stage of teething. He is gumming on my breast so hard I feel like crying after feedings. He is gumming on any toy you hand him. His cheeks are warm. He is drooling a lot. He won't sleep through the night like he has been. He doesn't feed as long as he used to. The pediatrician told us he is having symptoms of teething but he may not even get teeth until 6 or 7 months. We got him the teething ring you put in the freezer and he hates it every time I give it to him he cries. He is constantly throwing fits.

For those of you who have bio kids what did you do when this happened?
Did any of your kids start teething early?
How do I calm him down?
How do I get through breast feeding when he is gumming the sh*t out of me?
Please help before I pull my hair out.


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You might want to start pumping instead. Or get a nipple guard....

No help on anything else since mine's still cookin' but if he likes gumming on the toys, I'd say let him have at it.

They'll live, I think. Lol, just know there's an end to this madness.

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While I don't have any proven methods, my son had four teeth poke through at age two months. I almost died. I felt this sharp pain on my breast one morning and pulled him off and sure enough he had the beginnings of FOUR teeth. I called my pediatrician thinking he was mutant, but he assured me that it can happen and that all children are different.

To keep him from biting me, which he started doing quite frequently, I started taking him off my breast every time he did it and didn't let him continue to eat for a few minutes. No I didn't starve him, but he got the idea that if he wanted to eat, he needed not to bite me. He's almost ten now so I don't think I did any grevious harm but it hurt to have those little things jabbing me.

My son hated those teething rings, so I found a mesh teether that I could pop frozen breastmilk cubes into and he would go to town on those. It made a HUGE mess but he was content and I was happy.

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That actually makes a lot of sense! When my cat was a kitten I'd use the "momcat reprimand" which was a quick fffft every time he bit or scratched too hard. Worked like a charm. I also noticed my sugar gliders, when they had joeys, used to do that if the joey was nursing too hard.

I think it should work for humans too. I'll definitely try this when I have to go through it.

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I will admit that this is exactly when I stopped breastfeeding. My son was about 4 months when his first tooth came in and I was already back to work and struggling to pump. So I gave up.

I used Orajel and tylonal liberally. There is nothing worse than a teething infant. When he was a little older I actually let him eat freeze pops, you know the ones in the plastic tubes. I would cut the top so that only a little came out and he would gum on it only getting a little at a time.

Probably not perfect parenting but effective. For me it was survival.

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A loud squeal and removing D from breast worked for me. She learned very quick.

Ironically when our bunny would bite to get put down we screamed loud and it worked wonderful. He hasn't bitten in years.

It's ok to train your child. I have a rather well behaved 13 yo mostly because I trained her from the beginning. She is very loving and knows the difference between right and wrong, unlike untrained SKIDS.

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My first BD did not get teeth until she was 1 (was teething for a while beforehand) but the second got teeth at about 10 months and I nursed both until they were 1 year old. The second they start biting you, remove them from the breast and feeding is over. You may have to feed more frequently if you do this, but they quickly learn you are not a teething ring. If they're goofing around and biting, they are not hungry enough to continue. Worked like a charm with both my kids.

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Thanks guys I will be making a trip to the store lol. I have screamed ouch when he gummed down to hard but I think it scared him because he did that big gasp for air and started whaling.

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Your baby could be teething. My BS2 started teething around 4 months, although no teeth broke through until 7 or 8 months. My BS1 had teeth break through much sooner than BS2. He also started having the pain around 4 months, but some broke through fairly soon after that. At BS2's first birthday, he only had maybe 4 teeth, but BS1 already has almost as many teeth as BS2, just no molars yet. Each baby is different. I had a friend say her daughter started teething at 2 months old!

My BS1 also chews everything in sight from his crib to anything he can get his hands on. He bites my knees even! My BS2 never did any of that, so I think the little one hurts more.

The frozen washcloth is a good idea. I also have those water filled teethers in the fridge. I know there have been some bad things in the news about Baby Oragel lately, but I have used that for both boys. Just a small amount rubbed on the gums helps. There have been a couple times where he immediately calmed down after getting that. The stuff does work well, so don't over use it so they won't numb their throat. (That's the danger in the news.)

I think the oragel helped the quickest when he was screaming. The ones in the freezer or ok in general, but they never like to keep those in their mouths that long.

Good luck!

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BD1 started at that age too and didn't pop any teeth until 8 months. She learned quickly that biting resulted in the boob going away for a few minutes. Stopped that little nuisance within two weeks! I used the nighttime formula of Orajel all the time and a little baby Tylenol at night (half dose) if she needed help sleeping. Once her teeth started popping through though, she was happy as a clam.