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Our Beginning

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I have known my new husband for a few years. We met while working together. We struck up a nice little pattern of casual conversation and hugs whenever we would see each other. To tell the truth on my worst days at work I made myself go in hoping to see him so that I might feel better. Sounds so sweet right?

Here's the boom- the both of us were in deeply invested relationships at the time so there was never anything more than hugs and conversation. We didn't even see each other off the clock.
Boom # 2- His deeply invested relationship had become a pregnancy and it was with(Boom # 3)- a super distant and removed a few times cousin of mine!!!

He never approached me in a romantic way after finding out the mess that would ensue if we did pursue anything- also, my BF at the time was a jealous one. However, we did keep giving hugs and having subtle conversations. One night, during a nice squeeze, he whispered to me, "Why didn't I meet you first?". I was stunned. Flattered. Confused. I secretly wished that he had met me first. I just smiled and told him things happen for a reason.

I lost my job there a few months later and we really didn't talk for a while after that. We would see each other online every now and then but really had no long drawn out conversations.

Last year, we both lost the people we were in relationships with when we met. by lost, I mean in death. My ex-boyfriend died last May, and his baby's mother died last October.


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Sounds Crazy huh? But, really interesting lives sound that way at times

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Is this Steptalk or One Step Beyond? No pun intended. Are either of you having a problem w/steps?