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husband and stepdaughter!!

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i'm new here

i'm 44 with three grown kids that i raised alone and got married a year ago
now i've ask my husband to move out with his kid she here most of the time
and makes my life a living i've ask him to move out because his daughter wants to be his wife too...and can't take it anymore...i have mixed feeling about this but if it brings me some kind of peace of mind then i m gonna take it for what its worth ...but at the same time i feel guilty

any advise??


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I would not feel guilty. If she makes your life a living hell and if they are a package deal then both of them need to go.

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yeah i know,i mean what do you do day after day or weekend this child is in my bed in the monring with her dad...and hangs over him at parties and fucntions like she is the wife....its embarssement to me and my family or even his that i got her out of my bed finally now she has him in her room at nite everytime she here...i have no personal time with my husband....i never knew that it would end being like this.....don't get me wrong i love them both but i love me at the same time....thanks for listing patty :0)

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I am always amazed by the posts where these men have such physically intimate relationships with their daughters. Ewwe. I love my dad but a hug or maybe a arm around you on the couch is what I am used to.

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she is 11 years old who thinks she 25 acts like a five year old .her and her dad have what i think is co-depend on each other...he has all the love in the world for her ,but what about me?he was saying to me that when she gets older that she would live her own life and then we can do stuff together as a couple ....($%^$^) what!!im suppose to stay to the side until she gets older...this is been going on for the past 4 years then when we got married and she moved in part time ...its was hell to get her out of my he goes into her bedroom....everynite while she is first i let go so that she can get use the idea..of us being married.....but nope she just keep on doing what she wants and he goes with were going to live apart sad and the thorn is going to be lifed.....

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MAN i was where you are at. When i met my BF he would go to her room when she was about 7 and lay with her till she fell alsleep. SO i got to see him about 11pm,...........screw dad did not do that. I grew up in a milatary family. GO TO BED NOW..done deal. I turned out fine. SO that ended very soon. YOU HAVE to speak up. this is unacceptable (at least to me)...its bad enough when they are awake have zero time together. Be will be less heart ache later on down the road