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Disengage step daughter

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So confused right now I should be loving disengagement with SD & MIL my choice ( 16 years of non acceptance to late now ) but I feel annoyed at the fact DH has some what picked up from where he left. Visiting some times, phone calls, texts etc. I feel like I've given them the ultimate prize me out there family picture just like they wanted. DH comes home telling me all there family in's & out's & I try not to have an input . DH always said he didn't want to live two lives them & us but that's exactly what's happening,. 


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united family front/1 family unit, that involves him parenting his kids well and reinforcing the boundaries and respect in your household 

when he doesn’t parent and kids are wild, disrespectful and shun/abuse you, you rightfully disengage and refuse to be involved with them or a part of their lives. Thats on him for not uniting you all

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DH tried for years to unite us MIL and SD have never accepted me made sure I was aware I will never be part of the family, now 16 years later 4 of no contact SD ( 30 ) wants to mend his fence & only apologised to me because he told her to ( poor him apparently stuck in the middle ) & nasty MIL hasn't apologised to him let alone me but now he's chosen to try a relationship with both  He goes to MIL yesterday comes home pissed off tells me about his day & how SD is pissed with him because he didn't wait long enough for her to see him as she was going there. So I cope attitude because clearly that pressured him, I asked him did he not stay because of me he says he dosnt know WTF. I feel a shift tnite he hasn't spoken to me & can you get any closer to the edge of the bed.