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Disengage step daughter

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So following on my last post I went to the .memorial yesterday with DH, SS & DIL & yes SD was there. As I predicted she didn't acknowledge me said hello to DH then started idol gossip about nanna ( DH mother ) my horrible nasty mother in-law which he is now is contact with after 4 years also as she's apparently not well anyway I totally disengaged  I gave her nothing I felt very uncomfortable most of evening but chatted with fake SIL quickly then friends. When it came time to sit to eat at the hotel after SD was trying to get a table big enough for all of us but DH told her we were sitting at a different table with SS & DIL, they were sitting not far from us & she clearly wasn't impressed we enjoyed our meal & said our goodbyes DH didn't even say goodbye to her lol. I just hope he dosnt now cop her backlash but that's now on him his spawn his problem. I felt very proud of myself & didn't even feel the need to talk about the event just moved on tday.