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Even on my Birthday, Step-sister doesn't quit (i'm laughing)

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Today is my birthday! I turned 22 today!!*biggrin*

Me and Step-dad are major fans of the city's hockey team, like it's an obession! My favorite player is our goal tender. I've been searching on amazon and someone was selling his jersey WITH HIS SIGNATURE on it. I really wanted to get it for myself. Guess who much it was for? $1500.00. I'm like i WANT it, I don't NEED it, so i decided not to get it. 

 This morning  mom and step-dad called me downstairs and they wished me happy birthday and stuff. Step-dad pulls out a box and says it's from mom and him. I open it ;my jaw dropped. THEY GOT ME THE JERSEY AND A SHADOW BOX HANG I OVER MY BED. I was freaking out! I thanked them and they went off to work ( I have the day off). I put the jersey in the shadow box and hung it over my bed and I took a picture and I put it on facebook and  instagram thanking my mom and step-dad and saying how they're the best! I'm celebrating with the family today and tomorrow i'm going out with my friends. 

15 minutes ago, i get a nofication on fb, so i check and it says "ss has commented" (I didn't block on her of any social media), so i go to look at it and guess what she wrote.........

"why don't u just have sex with him already"

I actually started laughing! and I've been laughing since. I don't understand. I obvoiusly deleted the comment and blocked her on fb,instagram etc, but i just thought that it hilarious!! I get it she probably is bothered that I have(had) feelings for her dad, but she read my journal and showed it to him. That's how this mess started in the first place. Me and my step-dad are cool. Things between him and me haven't changed at all. He still considers me his son and i still consider him my dad. We're good. I'm really fortunate to have him in my life! If my step-sister is trying to pick a fight with me, it's not working. I'm not going to have a verbal altercation with a 15 year old fetus. She's already in deep waters as it is.

P.s I haven't talked to my grandparents since July 1st when they said the bio-dad is moving back to the city. I personally don't see a need to see him. He's a stranger to me. Don't know about the future, but as for right now i  don't  see any need to meet him. Maybe when i'm done medical school, internship, residency, and actually become a doctor maybe I'll see him, maybe not. As for right now, i'm not entertaining the idea. 


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first- Happy Birthday!

secondly- it has to be tough from her point of view, too. She had no choice but to make room for you in her life as a sibling and now she sees her brother wanting to sleep with your dad. When she expressed her feelings, she was uninvited from the home and now you are getting expensive gifts (awesome gift btw. I wish my skids had passion like yours to make gift giving easier).i imagine she is still very upset and even more so because she doesn't feel she's the one in the wrong. 

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Is there anything I can do? Should I apologize to her? Even tho she read my journal, i'm even willing to say sorry to her to end this.Thank for the wish!

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I wouldn't recommend apologizing. Your SS acted out of jealousy and spite. Obviously your parents see that to be the case or they wouldn't have taken the action that they did. Follow their lead.

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I have no idea what you should do. I probably wouldnt apologize. "Sorry you were snooping in my room." While it is on her that she was going through your private things, that cat is out of the bag. All I'm saying is that you shouldn't judge her too harshly for her reactions from her shock and discomfort. Maybe also she is feeling jealousy over a two fold relationship she perceives with her dad. You are a sibling taking attention and resources from her and also (in her head) a new romantic partner on whom he will lavish time and gifts.