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Called step dad today!

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Thank you to those who read my last post and commented! It really meant a lot to me and helped me out greatly. 

Today, me and my sister talked it over and I decided that I don't want my relationship with step-dad and mom to be affected by what my step sister did( if you don't know, read my last post). It took a lot of courage, but I called my step dad's cell phone today around 5:30ish cause he's normally done work around that time. He picked up and asked me how I was doing? And if I was okay with all that happened the day prior? I didn't even respond! I CHOKED. Instead of answering, I started crying! He told me it's okay and he really wants to meet up( just me and him), so we can talk. I somehow managed to ask him what he told my mom and basically what he said was that he told her the jist of what happened but except the part of what was actually in my journal from my mom cause he didn't want me to feel anxious anymore.I told him I really appreciate it and we both agreed to talk the following day( need another day just to collect myself). He also suggested that I talk to my mom and tell her how I am cause apparently she was freaking out!. I called my mom and told her that I was okay and just needed some time away from my step sister. She completely understood( thank God my mom is not the prying type). She told me she loves me and just wants me back home soon. I didn't ask about my step-sister nor do I really care. I've talked it over with my sister and she agreed that I should just disengage from her. I'm doing that! That little devil child is on her own from now on!!

I'm actually kinda nervous about the conversation I'm gonna have with my step dad. Wish me luck everyone!