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So exhausted

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Seems like lately dealing with my stepdaughter is best done after a glass or two of wine. Just picked her up from the local mental health hospital followed by a conversation with my daughter where she informed me shes staying at her dad's this weekend instead of coming home. My husband and I have spent the past year and half trying to help his daughter. I love him so much but I'm exhausted.


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I'm thinking if I were a 16yr old teen , I'd rather stay at Dad's too. Much less stress than watching a 17yr old stepsister either fall apart or watch my mother spend all weekend trying to hold the girl together.

Perhaps it's time to have a mom and daughter weekend get-away? Just the two of you. Let your husband deal with his own daughter for awhile.

Sorry things are rough with your SD. Yes, it must be exhausting. Does SD have a biological mother involved in her life?