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And on to BM

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You know, I wasn't this pissed when I got off the phone with DH...

He had spent another hour+ on the phone with SD15.

In the last couple of weeks:

BM put down SD15's childhood dog. (He was a 12-yr-old JRT - NOT old, just had ZERO vet care his entire life, was FAT and had joint issues. All fixable, just expensive)
BM did not allow SD15 any input into picking out two new purebred Yorkies, nor in their names.
SD15, however, is expected to be the sole caregiver and walker of these dogs.
BM is behind on payments for SD15's spring break trip, yet can buy two purebred dogs.

BM does not want SD15 to have a cell phone - especially not with a data plan, because then SD15 might misbehave on the horrible evil Internet!

Yet BM wants us to buy SD15 an iPod Touch and/or a Kindle Fire.

What does she think these devices are?? Oh wait, Internet/app ready toys!

Ignorant bitch. Also still unemployed - that's 15 months now. Did I mention that unemployment in her municipal area is 4.8%? Lazyass.

Argh. Just sue us for more CS, BM, so we can counter with a petition for custody.


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I think I know this woman?? oh wait I thought you were talking about my SS mom,,,, he's coming home for thanksgiving,, we had to ask for all his info.( a game she plays) if she made the flight info, we need to ask for it,, she texted that and the amount my DH owed for the flight,
he then asked her to send reciept along with SS,, she texed a picture of the reciept,,, hahahhaha,,, what a joke,, how stupid can you be,, does anyone know how small this looked???? she will alwats ask for crap above and beyond CS, but will never send paper to back it up....