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Fathers Day Debacle

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So, this morning I got up to help my stepson and my daughter make a breakfast for my husband for fathers day. I then took my duaghter to her dad's house and went and saw my dad. My 18 year old step daughter is away, returning today from the beach. She literally got with me at 9:30 this morning to ask about a dinner for her dad. He then gets upset with me, says he is going to forget all about fathers day because he is always an afterthought. I am very put out and upset. For me, fathers and mothers day is a breakfast and that's it.


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Hi there everyone - I have written a couple of blogs in the past so let me give you an update. My husband and I are doing OK, not great but much better. I have decided to have my DD, 16, live with her dad right now. It was so stressful with her and her SD. They don't get along and it is hard. He has tried so hard over the last few years to connect with her. They will have a relationship and then BOOM!, it's like he doesnt exist to her. Everyday is a new day. From her point of view, any time she improves, we find something new to critize her on and she has just given up caring.

Advice needed

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I am debating right now if I have my daughter live with her dad o'n a permanent basis. I know she doesn't like her step dad, I'm not sure if she ever has. He expects a lot more out of everybody and she doesn't want to engage at all. I have not dealt with things as I should have - I have tried many things. I had her in counseling, I have tried talking and journaling with her, I have given her more wiggle room than I should have because I am afraid of damaging her psyche.


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My husband told me today that he is going to divorce me. With everything going on right now, it is not possible to move on it so we will co-habitate. I am struggling so much  - I love my husband dearly and want to spend the rest of my life with him. At the beginning of our relationship, we went through a lot of bull**** with my family (parents, siblings). They don't like him, didn't accept him and pretty much cut me out of their lives. They were extremely toxic.