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Fake InLaws-Not StepParenting Related

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• When I first met my DH, I always heard stories of how my in laws loved his ex. I wanted them to love me just as much or more to you know, have a great relationship. Well, after 5 years i still dont feel a bond with MIL. I really feel that shes fake, she isnt genuine. When I feel something, the feel is always strong and i am almost right. Every time DH family has get togethers, its always my MIL, her other daughter in law and my SIL sitting together and gossiping about others. I watch, i observe, I listen and just stay quiet.

DH is Stupid

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Part of me is like "Yes,do you see? I told you so!" and the other part is like "Damn, is he really gonna get it?" and feel sorry for him. And then Im just like "not my kids, My kids aint the ones calling me stupid or calling DH stupid the way SD7 already called me stupid, so not my problem."

When these emotions keep resurfacing

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I remember being 6 yrs old, looking out the airplane window and wondering why was my dad not with us. It had only been a few hrs and I already missed him. I had no idea what my future had in store for my siblings and I, Not having a clue that it was the end of it all. I dont remember more than half of my childhood and idk if its because my mind refuses to remember or because thats how messed up my memory is. All I know is that the few memories I have, half of them are things that i still remember like yesterday and are the memories I wish i didnt have.

I am going to LOOOOSE IT!!!

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So I have posted in a previous blog about how I am done enforcing ANYTHING to my stepkids because they like to paint me as this evil person. The outcome would be that my Husband would start saying his kids didnt want to come home in his time anymore and make it seem because I was the one not treating them well. ALL because I would try to enforce rules and decipline, morals and values. I enforce all this with my own children. I also have posted how his little 7 yr old brat of a daughter always tries to get her way,has lied on me a few times and so on. 

New to StepTalk and IN NEED to vent!!!

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Sorry in advance for the long rant...


So Im new here and I have 2 bonus kids, a 7 yr old girl a 9 yr old boy. I have an 8 yr old son and a 10 yr old daughter from a previous relationship as well and my husband and I just welcomed "our" baby 3 months ago. We have been together for 5 yrs. He has split custody with his ex although sometimes there are periods where they are more with us, currently they have been staying more with her.