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No one is going to Belive this!

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It's hard to believe , even for me. But I have been sending submissions for a LOOONG time, and it finally happened! The email was first, asking for more details, then the call from a producer at....the dr phil show!!! Seriously! He wanted contact info on OSD42!!!! my dh, her dh, so I gave it to him. My dh spoke with him, OSD's spoke with him, he left a message on OSD42 cell. She has refused to return the call.

A Few Small Victories, I'm Haapy!

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First of all, I had mentioned before I thought maybe, DH got it,FINALLY!
It finally got through, that he needs to set boundries with OSD42. Telling him what he can or can't do. Pushes him into doing what she wants with emotional black using her kids! He actually see's she does it because he has let and realizing how out of line it is.

Just getting Started

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Well, I've never done this before, not sure where to start. I guess I should start at the begining with some background. the truth of the matter is, I met my husband because he worked with my ex. I know, I know, not the best way to start off a relationship , but knowing him for 6 yrs, my kids(2) knowing him,and us knowing each others history did make some aspects easier.He has 5 kids, the oldest, a son,became very ill after Desert Storm, and passed away. He took his son's death very hard, as anyone would.