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Stressed out and angry

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I'm so irritated right now... I try and try to let this crap with Mil/Bm roll off my shoulders but now I feel like MIL is trying to talk about my family because of Bm trying to run her mouth. Apparently Bm called Mil and started pouting saying that Ss is having a nightmares and talking about zombies because he's playing with my cousins kids... funny thing is that for a long time now Ss has been having a hard time sleeping at our house because he says HIS MOM watches zombie/scary movies plus he sleeps with her in her bed but at our house he sleeps in his room so who knows what Ss is saying?? All I know is that when he's at our house we don't allow anything like that. I do know that when Ss is playing with my cousins kids they play in the backyard and act like their killing zombies... THEN Mil has the audacity to tell Dh that Bm is "SO" mad/hurt because apparently one of the kids told Ss I should be his mommy. First off, be secure in your motherhood, 2. I really doubt one of the kids would say something like this, not in a malicious way anyway-these kids aren't familiar with the step family dynamic, and Third, is Bm drilling him for information? When we have Ss he hardly talks about him mom, so why oh why would Ss even say something like this? and most of all, why would we care if Bm got her feelings hurt??

Dh went off on his mom, AGAIN telling her that Bm hasn't text him anything and she's overstepping boundaries because this is a parenting issue and he's sure Bm will bring it up on Sunday when we drop Ss off. Mil tried spouting off that Bm called her because Dh won't answer his phone... um hello-Dh has advised you MANY times to text him only-of course he won't answer his phone. I just feel like mil is trying to take a dig at my family in a passive aggressive way because she's angry that we spend more time with them than her... pssh hello lady! We spend more time with them because you're batsh*t crazy and we don't want to be around you. I seriously feel like calling mil up and telling her off. I won't because this is an issue my Dh has to handle but I dont take lightly to anyone talking about my family. They have accepted my Dh and his son with open arms and mil to be implying that the kids are a bad influence or something is ludicrous to me... it's infuriating. I'm at the point where I feel like I need to tell my Dh not to even mention these things to me and when he wants to see his mom to go see her without me because I feel like I'm about done with even faking it with her anymore.


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Don't let MIL run your life. Your DH shouldn't be reporting to you what MIL said and you should just carry on as if blissfully unaware.