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Something fss said

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This weekend we had a bbq and so FDH, Fss and I go to the mexican meat market to get some chicken to cook. We frequent this market and whenever we are they Fss will constantly ask me "How do you say this in spanish msg1986?" and I'll tell him and it's always a fun experience. Well this time I noticed while we were walking around Fss wasn't asking those questions, which I didn't mind. I usually only answer him when he asks.

Well as we were checking out FDH had to run and get charcol for the grill and Fss looks at me and says "I dont like these spanish people." it caught me off guard and I looked at him and said, "what did you say?" and he says again, "I dont like any of these spanish people." So I lean into him and say "that's not nice fss, you dont say that, you need to like all people." and then replies "well I like you msg1986 but not all these spanish people." but the way he said it was like he knew he shouldn't have been saying it in the first place.... I dont know if i'm jumping to conclusions but I think BM may be feeding this to him. (FDH, like me, is of hispanic decent and BM is of german decent and when they dated apparently her family and her would make jokes about him being "mexican" so this is why I'm thinking this is from BM house)

When FDH first started dating Fss kept running around saying the N word. BM tried laughing it off saying it was funny. I mean I don't KNOW for SURE that she's behind his comments but he's 4 years old, where else would he learn that? It's all really sad. and I'm bugged with myself because I'm annoyed by Fss and I SHOULDN'T be, it's not his fault. smh