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Question: Mom 95% of the time refuses to let DH talk to SS on the phone when he calls during the week..

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He calls and texts her asking to speak to SS or asking if BM will please have SS call him.

She ignores the request 90% of the time and we know she's getting the messages, because she will make comments in nasty texts to DH after the fact.

She then will tell DH to quit harassing her..

We don't go back to court again for custody until April.

We took the kids to a waterpark this weekend and she accused DH of getting SS sick and dressing him improperly.. Than told him to "shut the f*** up" and called him a "bitter b*tch" when DH suggested she take him to the dr. today if he's not feeling better.

SS can't call us and wouldn't know the number anyway and DH "HAS" to call or text BM to talk to his son.



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I hope you're documenting each and every incident (date, time etc) where your DH has attempted to get in touch with SS and the result, which includes not being able to speak to him and her subsequent text messages. Most if not all divorce decrees with kids state that neither parent shall hinder communication between the minor child and the other parent. How long has this been going on? Can't you also file a motion for contempt on this?

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It's been going on since we got married about a year ago.
We are still in the midst of the court so nothing is concrete other than the fact that we get him every weekend
We are documenting "everything" I hope it helps when it's all said and done.

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every time they do it you can file contempt. Try this website- www. These guys apparenlty work from what i hear they help guys to go infront of the judge "Pro Se" (by themselves) and to make their arguments heard. I have called and talked to them a couple times. They do help, and from what i read they have made a diffrence ( MAJORLY) or sometimes the kid even ends up with dad. They excercise a fathers FULLEST RIGHTS .good luck