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conversations with your SO - just a vent

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Does your partner constantly talk about one subject?

My DH constantly talks about work. He finds it fascinating, but I honestly don't and sometimes find myself zoning out and not listening to him. Don't care about valve cover gaskets or transmissions or oil filters, and never will! lol

I don't want to hurt his feelings and try to listen and learn. I could probably ball-park diagnose someone's car issues, so that's a positive!



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Mine is a facts kinda guy. He's constantly soaking up all sorts of useless knowledge and then telling me facts I really don't care to learn. 5 minutes ago...

Him: do you wanna know where the english language came from? 

Me: I mean, not really, I'm a bit busy... 

Him: *starts spouting something about germanic tribes from the mid 5th century* 

Repeat x 50 facts per day lol 

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My SO does the same - he has certain topics that I could not be bothered with and goes on and on and on about them. I told him that monopolizing the conversation with boring and "boy" topics makes me check out. He still hasn't stopped as he doesn't understand why I'm not interested in the same things he is. Well, dude, you're not interested in my things and I have shut up about them so ... lol

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DH and I both tell the other things I'm which we're not truly interested. But we each make the effort to listen to the other and be a sounding board .

We work separate shifts, so I value our conversations. Even when it's a topic I find baffling/boring. *blush*

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YAWN! I run my hand back over my head miming "Over my head". He eventually gets it. And no, I make sure I NEVER agree or nod my head or we will be owners of some flashy new firearm...

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I can relate! 

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I'm very good at active listening, this is how I got him to fall in love with me. But I really don't care when he talks about work either. Just give lots of nods, uh-huh, yeah? And ask a question here or there. 

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My DH talks about work a lot, also, and is baffled that I don't do the same. When I leave work, Don't wanna think about it, don't wanna talk about it! He asks me how work was and I say, "Fine."

But, I listen to him (and have met some of the guys he works with, which helps me relate) and he does have a cut off point to move on and talk about other things. He will see me zone out (or maybe I accidently roll my eyes) and he'll say, "Okay, one last thing and then no more work talk for the night."

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Same here. Once I'm done with work for the day, I don't want to think about it. AT ALL

DH gets his "mojo" from work, I do not. I get my energy more from family/social stuff. Maybe that's why he goes on and on and on and on about

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Does he listen to YOU about YOUR day?  If not then you have a problem.  Chef tends to try and "problem solve"   Being a blue collar guy he doesn't understand that you can't tell someone in a white collar job to "F- OFF!" or you could get shown the door.  Seeing that my job pays for all the household expenses that wouldn't be appropriate


Chef does go on but not as much as he used to when he wasn't working for himself.


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He usuallly doesn't seem interested in my day. I'll ask him how his day was and he's off and running with the stories. It's getting really old, listening to the same type of stories day after day. He never wants to talk about feelings or our relationship or the future. It's all cars and sports. Maybe I'll start talking about designer shoes and purses next time he starts up. lol

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I rather enjoy old episodes of Top Gear but that's just me.  I would so start talking about shoes and designer purses.

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Love that show too! The Barrett-Jackson auctions are fun to watch. Used to watch NASCAR but lost interest when Tony Stewart stopped racing. 

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I find DH's work very interesting, but whenever there's personnel drama I get burnt out hearing about it. I still listen though, because I know DH has a good work ethic and I can relate to his irritation at co-workers when they slack or cause issues. Usually his job isn't on his mind unless there are staff issues, so he's pretty good about not boring me blind with it.

DH listens to my work stuff too, but I keep it minimal because my job is intense and I need to keep a healthy attitude to manage it all.