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Dr Phil show about mom cuddling with her 26 yo DS - grab your barf bag

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Lorie and her husband, Dan, say their marriage is strained since Lorie reunited with her 26-year-old biological son, John, two years ago. Lorie was 15 when she placed John for adoption. 

Dan says Lorie and John’s relationship is inappropriate because, he claims, they act more like girlfriend-boyfriend than mother and son. 

YSS - the smartest person ever born

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YSS always has to be the smartest guy in the room and point out inaccuracies when he hears them. For example, when we were leaving the restaurant, DH was backing up our car and I saw a car coming, so I said, "look out for the car coming" to DH and YSS said, "Well, actually it's a truck." and I lost it and said "whatever, YSS, it's black, it's white, it's up, it's down. What else you want to argue with me about?" and that shut him up. 

He's annoying in a Sheldon Cooper way but he's not a genius at that kind of level. He just thinks he is. 


DH okay with YSS crude joke but not DD's reaction to joke

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Last night during dinner, YSS made a crude Cinderella ball/testicle joke. DD started giggling hysterically, to the point where I was worried she'd start choking on her food. DH told her to get up from the table until she got control of herself, yet said NOTHING to YSS about his offensive joke. After dinner, DH said he'd have a talk with YSS when he took him home. But he was perfectly okay with calling my DD out on the spot. I told DH he should've called him out right then and there but no he's too busy getting on my DD! 


conversations with your SO - just a vent

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Does your partner constantly talk about one subject?

My DH constantly talks about work. He finds it fascinating, but I honestly don't and sometimes find myself zoning out and not listening to him. Don't care about valve cover gaskets or transmissions or oil filters, and never will! lol

I don't want to hurt his feelings and try to listen and learn. I could probably ball-park diagnose someone's car issues, so that's a positive!


MSS shows up for gifts, goes to Medusa's for clothes and doesn't come back

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Last night, we opened gifts with the kids because of the vistation schedule this year. MSS apparently was NOT thrilled with having less gifts to open than the others. He got around the same amount of $$, but we gave him a $100 gift card, plus some car accessory stuff and a charging dock,  and YSS and my kids got mostly small-ish gifts. MSS is hard to shop for so we figured a gift card was the way to go. 

MSS probably won't be coming around much anymore

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MSS and YSS came over Wednesday. H got home later than usual because he picked up our online grocery order on the way home. I was taking a shower and didn't hear them arrive. When I came out I saw YSS and assumed H picked him up and MSS wasn't here. I asked H if MSS was coming and H said MSS was here! He was up in his bedroom. He never came down to greet us. 

lies lies lies, yeah

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MSS17 is shaping up to be quite the skilled liar! Recently, MSS has been coming up with every excuse in the book to not come over and stay weekends or come over for dinner on Wednesdays. 

Yesterday DH told me he had to go pick up YSS because MSS was going to spend the night at his friend's house, because it was the freind's birthday. It sounded strange to me that a 17 yo is still interested in sleep overs, and MSS hadn't mentioned this kid in years! 

skid lies about going to game with Medusa

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MSS has evolved into quite the liar. Last Wednesday he mentioned that he was invited to a college football game this weekend and I asked him who invited him. He mentioned a friend of his, "B" in a mumbly kind of way (that's when I know he's lying lol). DH didn't say yay or nay when MSS mentioned it.

CS question

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When DH and Medusa divorced in 2010, DH was bringing in a lot more money compared to now. 

So DH filed online, with DHS, to review his child support. He paid a $25 fee and got a notification that they would contact him for additional documentation required, etc. 

So today DH finds out that DHS sent the paperwork to MEDUSA to fill out! And if she doesn't return the paperwork, DH's case will be closed. It doesn't make any sense!

How do NCP file for CS reviews? We're not hiring an attorney so I guess we are screwed.