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Oh boy. Sometimes the SDs are chatty cathys.

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We had family Christmas on Sunday with DH's mom's side of the family. Sometimes the skids show up, sometimes they don't. They all did this time, including the 21 year kid SS is living with. Which was pretty funny because BM's family was having a family Christmas, too, OSD didn't even tell BM she was here (she lives a state away), MSD said she had to "work" but mysteriously didn't go. I have no idea what SS said, I have been avoiding him. However, the kid he lives with and BM are like besties (she has no friends that are over 21 unless you count family) so I am sure she was pissed.

OSD drops this bombshell - she went to buy a car in the state she lives in now and she is told her credit is too low. She doesn't understand (she really does have learning disabilities) and I don't know who but someone told her to look up her credit report and see why it was like that. BM took $15,000 out in loans on OSD's social since she turned 18. Which is less than 2 years ago. BM tried to say that she took those out when OSD was in flight attendant school (which was a whopping three months long). OSD checks the report herself, nope, they had all been taken out after OSD finished school. DH told her that the only way she wasn't going to have to pay them herself is to turn BM in. Of course she won't. I told my Prosecuting Attorney boss and he said, "That's criminal." He knows all about BM's antics.

Oh, and MSD told us how BM pays her to hang out with her. $40 for movies, $100 for shopping, and BM doesn't make her use any of that money. MSD said, "That's the only reason I hang out with her." And apparently BM had copies made of the child support card and gave them to OSD and MSD. MSD said, "Mom told me she put $40 on this," to OSD. OSD said, "Mom said I can't use it anymore!" And OSD said, "Actually, dad, that's your money she is giving us!" I about died laughing.


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To be honest, I wouldn't put it past my BM to do the same thing.

When DH and BM got divorced, she agreed to pay the IRS debt (which was hers and at least part of it was for tax evasion on her business accounts) and he agreed to pay the credit card debt. He found credit cards on there that he didn't know they had. He also has a total write off on his credit report for some wifi device BM got from Verizon for her business and never paid for. Did I mention that BM is a CPA and her business is to advice others on financial fraud?

I suggested that DH write a letter to Verizon explaining that the device belonged to his ex wife and asking that the write off be removed from his credit report, because sometimes if credit cards or other credit offering companies are feeling generous, they'll remove bad past items, but he hasn't.

BM always thinks she can pull a fast one and loves to gaslight, so I'm sure if she needs money when her kids are adults, she'll do the same thing.

DH and I recently bought a car. During the buying process, he turned to me and said, "wow, this is how it's supposed to be." I was like, "what are you talking about?" He said the last time he bought a car, it was with DH and she sobbed in the dealership, in front of their financial person because their credit was bad, so they couldn't get financing. She was apparently really upset that there was something on her report regarding her former business partner - who cut ties with her after he realized she was expensing things she wasn't supposed to be expensing to their business (this is a business liability in general, but a huge liability when your business is working as CPA consultants). They eventually got a rate of 12%. She traded that car in while the divorce was ongoing to get a cheaper car and pocketed the money (although she probably didn't get much money because based on DH's credit report, the two of them rarely paid bills on time, if at all).

Her new husband (not legally married, but refer to themselves as husband and wife) is also a fraudster. He recently deactivated his business of dropshipping cheap watches from China for high mark-up prices and if you google the site, you find all these comments from people saying, "I bought something two months ago. I never received it and now all my emails come back as undeliverable." He also sells those courses online where you pay $1500 to "learn how to make six figures online in six months", although that website seems to have been deactivated as well, so not sure what he's up to now. I know that he drives a car her parents gave to them and they live in a house that her parents bought for them, so maybe they're really saving all their money away, but I doubt it.

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We checked MSD's credit and there was nothing on it. And SS is only 17, so she will probably wait a year or so.

I highly doubt they even have $100 saved. What kind of person would let their parents buy a house and car for them unless they are MEGA rich.

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OMG! Has your OSD confronted BM about this? I can't imagine someone doing this to their own child :jawdrop:

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Yes but she hasn't taken it to the police. My boss says she most likely has a good case against her.

I honestly can't either. The whole time BM was running around traveling. I wondered how she was paying for it all. CS doesn't cover enough for her to be taking monthly trips.

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Oh yeah, The Pig (AKA BM) got Credit cards in SS25s name & maxed them biggie...SS25 is filing bankruptcy anyway so...
It’s just beyond belief how some people live...

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I am wondering the if the balless wonder stepdad knows. He's so tight with money. I think he would just believe what BM said, that it was for OSD's school. $15,000 for a three month school? They are all idiots.

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how is it possible that an institution grant loans to person B if it's person A's name?

This is major fraud and DH should report BM if OSD does not want to.

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I assume BM did it all online. OSD said they were a ton of small loans. We have no idea where BM got them through to even report it. And honestly, he didn't say it but I am sure DH does not want to get involved. OSD is 20, it's time for her to stand up for herself or take the fall for mommy dearest.