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Put a ring on it

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So there’s a show called “pug a ring on it” on OWN. If you have seen it what’s your opinion on Chè and Michael’s relationship and her views on his son moving in? Everyone is bashing Chè, but as a stepparent , I understand where she is coming from a little, bit I do believe she should move on before it’s too late if her emotions are that strong about it . Sometimes in steplife, it is not that the stepparent does not like/want to bond with the stepchild, it’s more complicated and most of the time it is the child’s bio parent(s) that make the situation difficult. Especially with men that are not typically kid savvy and can’t handle it like women naturally do, most of the parenting work can fall on the stepmom etc , you have to be ready for that. It’s also the issue mostly with some men that they want huge commitment from the woman without marriage first. What is your opinion ? If you have not seen it, it should be on YouTube