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Step Son Funny!

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So SS6 had to write a song for music class last night… he’s only in first grade so I’m sure they aren’t expecting an original score… but what he wrote definitely made me giggle!

*sing words to the tune of “Found a Peanut”

I want hot dogs…
I want hotdogs…
I want hooooooot dogs for dinner!

I want hotdogs
I want hotdogs
But my daaaaaad… said no!

*next verse*

I want pizza…
I want pizza…

*you get the idea*

And each verse ended with, “but my dad said no!”
I don’t care if they do think we’re the food Nazis, at least the school knows he gets nutritious food at home! Wink

What has one of your skids done lately that brought a smile to your face?
Mine wants hotdogs!


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OMG, this is great! Definitely made me smile Smile

My DH had an unexpected day off work on Monday and kept our 4yo home from preschool for a special daddy/son day. He wrote the following poem:

boysname go to daycare (they still had to drop off 2yo)
mom go to work
boysname and dad go home
we listen to music

They had so much fun he wanted to do it again on Tuesday!

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My SD, 10 drew this heart and wrote FAMILY on the top

Then inside the heart she writes....

Leni (the dog)

and the words... happy, peaceful

Made me feel hopeful...

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“but my dad said no!”??? That never happens at our house. We are a brat factory and dad says yes yes yes...unless of course it is me asking. Sounds like you got one of the good guys. That's something worth singing about.

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Dude… I went out last night and bought some for the grill over the weekend!!! Maybe he’ll change his tune to … “And my Moon said YES!” *laughs*

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For my SS's birthday my sister got him a nerf rocket, you stomp your foot on a button and it shoots the rocket in the air. My 17 month old niece just loves and adores SS, follows him everywhere. So she's out with the boys watching the rocket (kinda, more like laughing at SS) and she keeps getting closer and closer to it, then starts leaning over it to watch and SS pulls her back so she's leaning into his legs so she won't get hit by the rocket. It was sooo cute and if you could see the look on my nieces face, it was like she was in heaven, Oh SS really does like me. Smile He's so good with her, it makes me so happy, esp when all we hear from BM is how horrible and violent he is.

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When DD was younger, she was learning "BaBa Blacksheep" nursery rhyme. She was only 3 years old, so when she would say sounded much like she was cussing. "BaBa Bullshit..." I just about wrecked my car when she started singing it on the way home!!

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Oh my gawd! When I was around two or three years old my mom said I used to rock back and forth at night holding onto my toes and singing…
“Shit! Damn it! What the hell!!!”
“Shit! Damn it! What the hell!!!”

Over and over till I was stopped… and my mom would beat my dad in the head and say, “well where’d she learn that one?” until she was putting me in the car seat one afternoon and bumped her head and said “shit!” then hopped in the drivers seat and dropped her cigarette in her lap and said “aw, damn it!” then someone cut her off while she was trying to pull into traffic and she yelled “What the hell!” and I picked up the chorus in the backseat… “Shit! Damn it! What the hell!!!”

Not a proud moment in parenting history but it’s one of my mom’s favorite stories now that I’m grown! Wink