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End of skid week b*%!# fest

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Dear skids-

Chew with your mouth CLOSED. 

stop with the ear peircing shrieking for attention. 

No, we will not make you something else to eat because you don't like what we're having. 

Clean. Up. After. Your. Self. 

It's rude to say hello to just your dad when I'm literally sitting RIGHT next to him, but be sweet as pie to me when you need something. 

The other kids have rules and follow them, guess what - you have to too!! 





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This is literally what I go through every other weekend!! 

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Lmao yes my currently it's our weekend with SD 10 or should I say baby!

SD make your own cereal you are 10 you don't need daddeeeee to do it! 

Stop acting like you are 3 and need daddee to constantly hug you and hold you and kiss you 

we have a baby in the home and you are not it!!!!! 

goooo home !!!

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SD11 kills me! She is so lazy. She got her phone and laptop taken away because she's a slob. I have BS12 and BS16 who share a room, I never have to tell them to clean their room. Lol. 

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I seriously send my sympathy  out to all you ladies who put up with young skids. YIKES!

Having entitled adult skids (adults in age only) has its challenges...but Yikes again!!!

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The youngest just started speech therapy (ss3) and is being screened for autism. He just got tubes in his years this last week, we were hoping that would help with the lack of talking, he had so much fluid in his ears. So we will see. But he does some off the wall stuff like...well....smearing and eating feces. It's alarming. My kids never did any of this stuff so I'm like wtf is going on with this kid?!? He's with his BM every other week, and she's a pretty incapable human being, I feel like he is better off with us, as hard as it is when we do have him lol. 

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Kids aged almost 3 and 4, ss21.5 still refuses to acknowledge me despite living in our marital home and does not intend to ever move out. 

He continually opens kitchen cabinets 5-6 times looking for something he knows only i know where it is but will wait for hubby to come home and continue several more times looking in the cabinets then ask his dad where it is and hubby asks me and relays it back to ss. All because i chucked out his mouldy toaster over a year ago because it was spreading mould to the kitchen cabinets

he claims i and my kids are strangers then has the nerve to tell hubby he wilk be taking my touchscreen laptop for a month because he broke his for the 3rd or 4th time in a year. No you won’t ss because my daughter will be watching cartoons from it while we are on holiday!!

you can go to the library like other kids who can’t afford one!! Never again will ss be borrowing or threatening to borrow something from me. I told off hubby he had no shame after all the abusive treatment of us to tell his dad he is taking my stuff without even asking me. Little idiot thinks he can boss me around. Bahahaha!!!