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i dont even know what to title this!

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if you happen to have read my other currently 8 months prego, and have a boyfriend(whom i refer to as future husband, for now) and he has three daughters ages 5 1/2, 13, and 15 1/2. we are expecting a little girl at the end of september.

the day we found out baby was a girl, we called everyone, including future mil. she asked me at the end of our convo if we had called the older two girls(they live in arizona with his first ex wife and she wont let them come to tx) i told her i didnt think fh had yet. i started to think about it, and i didnt remember fh ever mentioning telling them at all! so i asked him after dinner if he had, and his astounding reply was no! my heart dropped! he had thought it important enough to sit down second exw, but we werent important enough to give his girls a call to tell them? all i could do at that point was to start reassuring him that it would be a good idea to tell them before second exw, gma, a cousin, or someone said something to them! id be pissed if i were them! well..they havent returned his calls or texts since that day, and i believe 2nd exw told them before he did. NOW, my fMIL sent me this message.......i will be mad if 2nd exw told the girls before fh, but i am also really mad that your fh didnt tell them himself. he needs to call 1st exw and apologise and ask her to have the girls call him.
ok first of all, its a sensitive sub for me because i feel like fh doesnt want them to know about me and baby, and my feelings are really hurt. second, i dont know why in the hell this isnt being said to him? all i can do is keep saying something to him. they dont even know me, i couldnt call them myself, and i dont think its my place!
anyway, it really irked me, and i feel like i am getting the blame for his pussyfooting around, excuse my french...and when i replied and told her i was also upset, but that they would no longer answer him, all i can do is keep pushing him to try. she replies with..give sd5 a kiss for me.
wtf am i supposed to do?


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I don't know why MIL is telling you this instead of DH anyway. I had a similar situation with BF come up. His phone was turned off for a month, and after he got it turned back on (and didn't tell his mom) she called me to relay a message to him. I did, and he still didn't call her (which I had a bit of a laugh about because I don't like her), and so she called me again starting to get an attitude for supposedly not relaying the message.

I called her back to inform her that her son had chosen not to communicate with her, and luckily she did not answer the phone (lucy for me, too, because I was overly ticked and would have regretted the attitude I would have shown her.)

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i dont know. he says he tries to call and text and they wont reply. i hope for both of their sake that he does and has. i wouldnt blame them for being upset, esp since i really do think their ex stepmom called them before he did...its just confusing to me that his mother is being a bitch to me when i dont have anything to do with that( we have always got along, and she has always been really sweet to ne)