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Craziest thing BM has ever done contest!

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Ok so on my first post "sarabernheart" left a comment about a "craziest thing BM has ever done contest"! It really made me laugh thinking about all the weird crap she has done so I decided to post it! Ill give you my story and you all give me yours! It should be good entertainment! Great idea "saraberheart"! LOL K here it goes:

About a year ago this happened! BM calls DH gives him a big sob story about her car insurance needs to "borrow" $60.00. He says no. She rants and raves he just hangs up. So THE VERY NEXT DAY, BM calls me with a fabulous story.....She had been "kidnapped" at a local convenience store, taken at gun point to the woods and somehow kick the guy out of his car and stolen the car. The cops told her she needed to go stay at her friends house 1 hour away and she needed $60.00 for gas to make it there. Now I know FOR A FACT that her car gets at least 30 miles to the gallon. So of course I called Bulls*** on her. I said "Ill tell you what I will give you $10.00 for the entertainment value of your story, beyond that your on your own!" LOL DH and I laughed our heads off about this! She even tried to tell me it would be on the news! HaHaHa! Silly BM make believe is for kids!
K now I wanna here all your crazy stories!


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LMAO!!! The craziest thing BM has done was believe it or not about money too.. We just took her her monthly CS in form of a check. We get a call about 4 hrs later from her saying that she stopped to help a man with car troubles and she rolled her window down and called for help and she left her money in the front seat and that the guy she helped snuck in her car and took her CS check. And that she needed more money and we did owe her the money,One we already paid you thats ur problem what you did with it. So the next day my FH goes to the bank to see if the check had been cashed guess what it was and signed by her the teller even remembered her being there..So we call her and call her on her bulls*** and she hangs up on him. The next time we pick the kids up she wouldnt even come out of the house..LMAO

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Quit her job to start up a "karoake business".

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Most of my 'crazy' stories are not comical so I'll just share a funny, poetic justice like story.

We were all at a soccer game for SD9. DH, our 5 kids, my exH and some others were heading over to Hooters afterwards. The girls proceeded to tell their mom of our plans and BM marches over to DH to 'announce' in front of all the other parents, my children and the girls that she thought it was inappropriate to take the girls to such a place. I couldn't help myself....and piped up as DH shook his head "But didn't YOU used to work there?" (She really did...years ago)

All the other parents all started laughing. Even her mom couldn't help herself.

"For every ailment under the sun....There is a remedy, or there is none;
If there be one, try to find it; If there be none, never mind it." ~ W.W. Bartley

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We were at bm's house for a drop off.. we had found out over the weekend that SS was being bullied at school, and was causing him to wet the bed. We found out through ss that bm knew this was going on and that the school suspended the bully for 7 days. That bm CHOSE to not tell dh this info, but rather about her personal life, etc.

Dh asks her about this and she claims ss is being a DRAMA QUEEN (her words) at this point dh is starting to back down from demanding he be in the know on these things. I stated we are just concerned and seeing as how the school suspended the child, it sounds like ss isnt being dramatic. She FLIPPED out on me.. literally calling me a slew of nasty names and then proceeded to put her hands on me while shoving me toward the door. I had several black and blues. I did not fight back, as her children were in the room.

To this day, I will not go near her or even get out of the car if she is present. not going to put myself in that situation again.. oh.. and get this.. she apologized to my dh, her dh, her children.. and that was it. NOT to the person she freakin assualted.. she feels that she was JUSTIFIED in her actions.


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She sounds like a freak! and you unfortunately tried to bring her back to reality which is how you got the brunt of her denial . . . people who are lying to themselves hate to be brought back to reality.

She is really fortunate you did not press charges, and that should be considered your gift to her, that she should appreciate for the rest of her life! psycho is the right word for this!!!

p.s. she did not apologize to you because to do that she would have to admit 1. your existence, 2. your right to speak and 3. that you were absolutely right in what you were saying. and she is apparently not big enough person to do that!, which I guess you already know. This burns my *ss too, for you!!

"A lie told often enough becomes the truth." - Vladimir Lenin

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I have some stories of crazy crap she has done, but none of them are funny. I posted on myspace, but here is it is again:

It yet another attempt to gain custody, BM arranged to have her lesbian lover put drugs in DH's truck while he was working. Then called the cops and reported it. He got charged with it and it was along drawn out legal battle. DH is still here with us and still has custody!!! So, a couple months later, she sends her lover to our house (we live 400 miles away). They forged all sorts of medical reports to try and convince us that she had termnal cancer and her dying wish was to spend one day with SD. We later found out that BM was waiting to make a run with SD and would have lost her forever. Good thing we denied it.

But.... for those of you who have gone to BM's husband's myspace page... I think that marrying the creeper was probably her craziest stunt and that did not even affect us! She is a looney regardless of what she is doing. Oh, and one time she gave us a CS payment (one of three ever) and it was a money order made payable to DH inthe amount of $75 with her signature. She called the cops and tried to say DH stole in out of her car when we were exchanging SD. The cops laughed a good one!!!

"Having a family is like having a bowling alley installed in your head." ...Martin Mull

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the craziest thing my FH ex did was call and try to leave me a threatening voicemail but FSS told her not too (I could hear him in the background)well she did not hang up and I heard her rant and rave cuz I had gotten FSD a bracelt (value of 10.00) she was going to kick my ass and tell me off in front of everyone the next time she saw me.
I let FH hear it. He was mortified. (we had not been together long)he wanted to call her and yell at her, but I told him not to and when we went to pick up the kids I went right up to the door with him, and when she answered she was turned around right away and went into the living room while she yelled at the kids to get moving. she never said a word to me ...not crazy but stupid thing she did was to call FH and tell him that one of the dogs she had bought the kids had he didnt even know the dog...

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just by far the dumbest! When she and DH were going through their divorce, she took him to the cleaners. Took everything he had, literally. During the divorce, she purchased some land and put a doublewide on it. She put the land and trailer in the new BF's name to hide assets from DH and DH's atty. This backfired on her. Karma is sweet.
A few years later, she and BF broke up and he forced her to move off the land and leave the trailer, b/c it was all in his name. She had forgotten to change it back into her name after the divorce. HAHAHHAHA
"You can learn a lot from a dummy."

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one of my all time favorites is the stink BM made during the custody hearing about BF being an unfit parent and a "freak" because he's a tattoo artist and has tattoos, then a couple years calling him up and asking him for ANOTHER free tattoo....


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This probably isn't the craziest thing she has done, but is the most recent:

She lost her job in January, but continued to enroll SS in a summer camp through the private school he attends at the cost of $450 per month which she had to prepay two months for a total of $900. She expected DH to pay half and he told her she was crazy that she isn't working and could stay home and take care of SS herself. So, one day he went to the private school to ask some questions about the upcoming school year and asked for a print out of how many times SS has attended (as we know she is going to take him to court to reimburse her for this) to find out he had attended four days in one month! After he stopped at the school BM had planned a trip for her and SS to be out of town to visit her family for a few days and since they have been back apparently he has not attended the summer camp at all. So far it has cost $225.00 per day for the days SS has attended summer camp for six hours per day. What a frickin idiot!

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She found out I was pregnant on Friday and was in her lawyer's office on Monday to draft a petition for an increase in CS. (It got lowered.)

She switched the skids' doctors so that we wouldn't be able to get their medical records a million times. (We tracked them down and got them, anyway.)

She forged DH's name on the back of some insurance checks. (We notified the insurance company and her bank's fraud unit. It was taken care of.)

She withheld visitation for no or made up reasons. (That seems to have been resolved with time and distance.)

She used to call the house screaming obscenities at me, for some reason. (I got an unlisted phone number and made her use DH's cell to talk to him.)

When we would mail the skids their birthday and Christmas presents, she would throw them away and tell the skids that their dad and I didn't get them anything.

She called us "your dad's NEW family" for FOUR years.

She let her DH beat her up, choke her and otherwise abuse her in front of the skids, while they watched, and then didn't prosecute him.

She never did anything "crazy" or "psycho" that I remember. She was just an aggravating and constant pain in the ass for the first five years. The last two have been quiet. She has since apologized for her behavior and, for the past year, we have been getting along quite nicely.

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We don't think some of the crazy things BM does are too funny either. Most of her stunts have been an attempt to make bf look unstable and unfit. Here are a few

She called the cops and said that bf was suicidal and threatening to kill himself. Funny how 10 minutes before this he had been on the phone with her and turned down a request for money. Four or five cop cars showed up at his house with their guns drawn while he was in the bathtub.
She intentionally downplayed an accident that happened with sd when she got burned so that he wouldn't show up at the hospital. She then accused him of not caring about his daughter because he didn't go to the hosp. right away. When he did show up security had to escort him to sd's room and wait there with him. Turns out BM had told the whole hospital that he was drunk and threatening.
When they first separated she would only let bf see the kids every other weekend, claiming he was an alcoholic and a threat to them. Then she signed an agreement that he could have them every other Fri thru Wed. in exchange for the federal tax return money. Hmmmm, funny how he was no longer a threat.
This one is really bought ss a playstation for christmas. She pawned it a week later Sad

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Nymh's ss's BM should get the award in my book.

That woman is nuts.

"For every ailment under the sun....There is a remedy, or there is none;
If there be one, try to find it; If there be none, never mind it." ~ W.W. Bartley

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okay so this particular thing she did waaayy before me when they were still together. but i think its the perfect example of how psychotic the witch really is.

so rite after she lied and got pregnant on the sly knowing full well that FH didnt want to have kids w her or even marry her (theirs was a relationship based on convenience and company only), she announces shes pregnant. well, FH was pissed to say the least but she wanted to get married. he said no way in hell...being the crazy that she is, she went out and BOUGHT HERSELF A RING (yes, your eyes arent deceiving u...u are reading rite) and told people that he PROPOSED!! he had to run around telling everyone he knew that no, in fact, he did not and will not ever ask that crazy bitch to be his wife. THEN, yes, my dearies, it gets better...she wanted him to PAY HER BACK FOR THE RING!! HOW f***in NUTS IS THAT??? i guess she figured she would bully him into doing it just like she bullied and forced him into everything else in their relationship.

WOW. u people see the crazy that im dealing w here??? if youd like some examples of what shes done to me personally since ive been here, u can read past blogs for details, but they include and are not limited to: accusing us of abuse, accusing SS15 of molestation, trying to take away custody, filing motions, which in hindsite we see were done solely to increase her CS paycheck, taken us back and forth to court, harrassment, threats on our property, constant texts and phone calls, fighting w me and name calling on my front doorstep, giving FH a pic of SD referring to him as the "love of SDs life"...blah blah blah...the list goes on.

"Given the right reasons and the right two people, marriage is a wonderful way of experiencing your life."
~the late great George Carlin

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when she banned me from picking SD up from daycare...and FH too, even though he has JOINT custody. that was a fun day.

"Given the right reasons and the right two people, marriage is a wonderful way of experiencing your life."
~the late great George Carlin

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1-BM used to tell ss since he could talk that her live in BF was the "real daddy" and ss would flip out at Dh... and just a few weeks ago her lil boyfriend left her for good. ss it still struggling with who is his real daddy.

2-called Dh at 3am from some bar 50 mile away to helllllp her because she didnt know how to get home ( was trashed and didn;t want to drive)
Dh and I listened to the message and had a good chuckle the next day.

3-sent ss to daycare in pants that were so tight he ended up having an accident in his pants , on a friday we were suppose to pick ss up.

4- once when ss was just old enough to crawl, BM was suppose to be watching ss up stairs, but decided to go out on the balcony for a cigaret and talk to her lover in the cell. needless to say ss tried the stairs, and fell down a full set of hard wood stairs in their house.

5-Bm used to call MIL to come over and babysit when they were stil married, and she would go out on dates with her lover. MIL was sooo furious when she found out haha.

6-lastly (for now, lest I go on and on) When we used to drop ss off at 5pm sunday night EOW ( befor we forced her to meet us at the train station) she would always come out to pick up her son dressed like an absolute crazy person.... bathrobe, missmatched clothes, or bed clothes it lookes like she had on all day ( with stains on) and hair awry. I do hair, so it drives me nuts that she never EVER does her hair. Just add to the "crazy BM look" hahahah.

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LMFAO everything that is the funniest thing ever, I could imagine. Just picturing that made my laugh ass off..Damn I needed that..Thank you

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The craziest thing she ever did was thinking she could intimidate me.

Poetic justice: Her new husband (poor guy) recently had all his teeth removed, but refuses to wear his dentures because they are uncomfortable. The SKIDS call him gummy num-nums. She hates it. LOL.

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Put her 6+ foot tall massive ugly ogre self on an internet dating site and proceded to 'audition' one guy after the other. She would bring them home, let them stay the night and then introduce them to the 3 skids as mummys new boyfriend the next morning. There was one guy she was with for about 6 months (the only long term one) and they decided to move to Australia and take the skids. She rang and told a devasted DH that they were moving, but didn't think to tell us when they broke up a couple of weeks later and the plans were shelved.

POETIC JUSTICE: She 'accidently' got pregnant to Internet Guy number 8 (8 in 12 months) after knowing him for 4 weeks. She had the baby and they have moved in together, but they are not happy and she went from golden girl to everyone thinking she is a slapper.

ROTFLMFAO for 9 whole months Smile Smile Smile

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Narrow it down to just one.

Because there isn't much she does that is NOT crazy!

I'll have to ponder that some more.

But one of my favorites, is when BM told SD's psychologist that DH was suing her for custody to get her attention because he was still in love with her and not happy with me.

Her exact phrasing I believe was, "I just wish he would move on from us."

The shrink was smiling as she relayed her response of, "Oh...well. I have been meeting with them for a year now and I actually think they get along VERY well. He seems VERY happy with her. And I do this for a living so I'm a pretty good judge of this sort of thing. So let me put your mind at rest so you can stop worrying about that one. He has moved on and is VERY happy."

I guess BM then cycled through the same story over and over. She does that if she doesn't like your version of the truth.

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Shortly after their separation (she left DH for another man), BM INSISTS that DH, DH's parents and I (we JUST started dating) attend her 40th birthday dinner -- at the country club -- with BM, her new man, her mother, my SD11 and two of BM's friends. This was under the guise of keeping things "normal" for the kids -- to show everyone how mature we all are and how well everyone gets along (ha!).

She proceeds to get embarassingly drunk over dinner, hurling insults at DH's father, and starts yelling at DH -- in FRONT of SD11 -- for serving her with divorce papers on her birthday (they were served to her attorney -- who in turn served them to her on her birthday -- after MONTHS of telling DH that she was going to file, but of coursee she never did so DH had to file). AND THEN ... she demanded that DH pay for half of the dinner bill!

On the way out she says to me, "Wow, this must have been very uncomfortable for you." To which I replied, "Nah - entertaining, though!"

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-In CS court (right after DH and I married) BM told the court that DH called her they day we married and said he loved her (like they care) and then got the our wedding date wrong.

-Turned me in for "beating" SD12 and then had to go to anger managment when they figured out she did it.

-Called Social Services and told them DH was beating me and she feared I maybe dead (at the time DH had never touched me and I had just saw her that morning)

-She did this one multiple times.. She told everyone DH and I were trying to kidnap the kids and went as far as to call Social Services and the Police. DH and I were in a tractor trailer in California the first time, she and the kids were in North Carolina at the time.

~Don't fear the thorns among the Roses, but be greatful for the Roses among the thorns~

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OMG - this came out in counseling today - too funny. BM and FH were broken up but she was still living in his house because she kept complaining she didn't have any money no where to go, etc. so he said she could stay in the other room because she found an apt with a friend and she could go in another mth or two (but mysteriously that fell thru too) so my FH back then was dating and he was out drinking with a date (liquor) had too much to drink so his date had to drive him home and when he woke up BM was in bed with him and he yelled at her to get out - apparently they had sex because 5 weeks later she announces (after he threatens her removal by the cops) that she is pregnant are you going to marry me now? He was like are you kidding I hate your guts you crazy b%^$#th I don't love you and I will NEVER marry you and guess what she moved out the SAME DAY! Then she was wearing some fake ass ring telling people that they were engaged and how excited my FH was about the baby. WTF? Yeah right at that time he was contemplating suicide and it took all his friends to rally around him! And this is the bitch that he was paying for her cell - which by the way is now turned off and his number is now changed. YEAH 15 YEARS LATER. Karma is gonna be a bitch for this woman and Karma's name is EMA! xoxo

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is yours an ugly rat faced nappy headed ho?? (thats what FHs friends call her!)

seriously...doesnt it make u wonder how our wonderful men couldve gotten mixed up w such PSYCHOS???? honestly. who in their rite mind would pull this kinda crap?!

"Given the right reasons and the right two people, marriage is a wonderful way of experiencing your life."
~the late great George Carlin

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My FH affectionately refers to his ex as TROLL - that is what we refer to her as. He knocked her ass up on their 2nd date - my poor FH didn't stand a chance......I have asked him ohhh at least 500 times - what in the hell were you thinking???

Inside every cynical person, there is a disappointed idealist. - George Carlin

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My FH has not touched a DROP OF LIQUOR SINCE!

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Don't really have anything stupid she did.But she's said some stupid stuff like.
#5) One time hubby wouldn't give her money for milk ( she made it sound like that was cause of the divorce)
#4) Her second husband wasn't her type but she looked past it,( ya right at his bill fold)
#3)Her second husband wasn't divorced when she moved in ( wrong thing to tell me )
#2)I took you back to court for more child support to MAKE you respect me ( RESPECT??????? IS SHE KIDDING)
#1) I'M SO HAPPY NOW I STOPPED TAKING MY PROZAC. ( again TOOOOO MUCH INFO.) Don't kid yourself these comments get mocked ALL THE TIME ( and laughed at)

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1. BM and Skids were living out of a hotel. BM would take Skids to million dollar mansions, beachfront property, spiral staircases, tennis courts, indoor pools, 8 bdrms, 9 bath homes and tell them they were buying it. HUH?!?

2. BM wanted a BMW X5, but has horrible credit so ended up with a 15 year old Jaguar with no freaking a/c in the dead of summer in south fl.

3. BM made a wish list (new age something or another). This list was to have everything that she desired and she was to speak it several times a day into existence. HUH?

4. Judge ordered BM to a drug test during custody hearing. BM ran out of the court room screaming that they could take the kids b/c she never wanted them anyways, after all she only wanted one.

5. BM told SD 13 that Dad ruined her life b/c she didn't want kids, she wanted to finish her college degree. Might I add that when they met BM was not in classes or trying to take classes.

6. Before BM and DH dated, BM was dating this guy at work known as "the paymaster." PM was known for spoiling the women he dated, took them on lavish trips, bought them expensive jewelry and purses, wined and dined them, etc. (Correction's Officer) Well anyways, one day they announce over the loud speaker that they needed all available deputies to report to a fight in a particular unit. Everyone rushes in and looks in the cells to find all of the inmates on the glass looking at the control booth. BM and another female deputy were inside the booth fist fighting over "the paymaster." DH should have run with his life when he heard that story.

7. BM stated that husband was suicidal and tried to kill himself and no one knew where he was. Instead of calling the police, she called the jail to report it. They later found DH sitting in class, in his right mind participating as he had all of the other nights (and she KNEW this).

8. BM attacked DH when he told her that he had filed for divorce. He got a restraining order. She was removed from the home. BM got mad and filed a counter-restraining order stating that DH threw a plastic cup at her and that she was in fear of her life. Stupid courts granted a restraining order.

9. BM said that she was afraid of DH and moved around the block from where we were living.

10. For 7.5 years BM has been ordered to submit financial records for CS, but refuses to do so. Has paid all of $200 in 7.5 years in CS. Went out a year ago and bought a brand new $25000 car. Can't pay CS, but can manage to find $300 to pay a car note. Shows whats priority in her life.

11. Has neglected to pay CS in 7.5 years, but considers it a victory that now she is eligible for SSDI for her mental illness (bipolar) and that the kids are eligible to receive payment. Gladly gave that information, but when the responsibility was on her to pretend like she was concerned about the children's well-being she couldn't.

12. One night I was exhausted and did not make vegetables with dinner. I made a quick chicken and rice dish. BM called to speak to Skids and asked what they had eaten for dinner? Then proceeded to ask if they had vegetables. When she was told no, she told them to go get an apple because they needed to eat something healthy! HUH?!? She didn't ask nor contribute a freaking apple, vegetable or rock to eat, but had the nerve to question what they ate?

13. BM has NEVER cooked a home-cooked meal for them in all of the time that they've been living. On visits they live off of fast food. She considers Golden Corral a restaurant. No offense to anyone who likes GC. Principle for me. They have never even been to a casual restaurant with her such as Chili's, Friday's, TGIF, hell Denny's. You catch my drift.

I am going to stop at 13 b/c I could really go all night.

My new StepMother's Motto:

When life gives you lemons... Make a damn good Margarita.