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Father & his Autistic son

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I've been recently been dating this man who is in denial about his 2 yr old having autism . Today he gets evaluated but let me start . I don't really wanna call him my SS because the way things are going , I honestly wanna be done with his dad . I'm 2 months pregnant by him also ughh . I honestly don't like his son . Everything he does makes my blood boil . It's to a point that I don't care for his father too much either . I have a two year old of my own . My daughter is very smart . Overly smart for her age actually . She listens , can clean , and is respectful . His son is unruly , doggish , and nasty . And I know you're probably thinking .. "ohhh they're just kids," but I'm fed up with this little boy . He hops on top of my daughter and if he's going to hump her . That's where it all really started . He doesn't listen if you tell him to stop . He's sneaky asf . I walked in the room , he was straddling my daughter pinning her to the ground . My daughter is little for her age . He is big and strong and at least a head taller than her . He yells all the time . My daughter can make full sentences , he can't speak worth a damn . Just whine all day . Every time he comes over , my mood is messed up . Then his dad is so lazy . Expects me to watch after his devil spawn of a child . I just want to cut my ties with them . I'm honestly thinking of having an abortion and kicking them both out . Not to mention , the BM is where I see the disorder comes from . Whew , I'm tired of them . 


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I don't usually tell people to go but in this case you have to protect your daughter and your unborn child. 

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The safety of your daughter is your first priority. Please get her out of this situation ASAP. 

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If it is this bad in the "honeymoon" phase of your relationship, it is only going to get worse.  

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And that's exactly how I'm feeling . This morning it got a little domestic because his son was drinking out my daughter sippy cup . She has asthma that has caused her to be in a coma before . I cannot stesss enough that his doggish son picks up all her cups . Even when he is sick which is vital to my daughter . His dad doesn't seem to care . 

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right there is your answer "His dad doesn't seem to care" 

you, your daughter and this baby deserve someone who cares. 

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You feel inclined to kick them both out - given what you've told us about the situation, I'd say go for it. Why prolong the agony? Why let your daughter suffer any more? Why should you suffer this non-parented child and his useless father any more? Out they go!

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If you want an abortion, then have an abortion. You're describing a man who doesn't parent his own child and allows his child to inappropriately touch (I won't say molest because I don't buy that a 2 year old, particularly one who may have autism, is fully understanding of their actions) another child in spite of you, the mother's, protests. Any child you have with him will be subjected to that, so even if you save your daughter, you don't save the next one.

I actually feel very badly for your "SS". Either something is wrong and his dad just finds it funny, or nothing is wrong and he's just not parented. Either way, that's going to be a rough life for him.

Take control of your life while the choices are still yours. Continue to stay pregnant and you have to co-parent. Continue to stay and allow your daughter to be inappropriately touched and you'll have CPS at your door eventually dictating who gets to parent her going forward. Continue keeping your daughter in this environment and she learns through your actions that incompetent men are perfectly fine to date and procreate with, and that will stick more than you telling her that she deserves better in the future.

Get out and take steps so you don't end up in this position again.

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You sound like you know what you want to do. This is not a healthy environment for either you or your daughter.

Having an abortion or not is nobody's business. That's your decision to make.

I wish you well. Stay strong and healthy.