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You’re so vain, skid.

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Oh, skid. GTF over yourself.

You, taking selfies with your iPhone selfie ring light, while sitting at our dining room table amongst conversing adults, was downright comical to watch from afar. Your dad’s secondhand embarrassment for you was palpable.

You’re quite the self-absorbed and dimwitted BM 2.0 version in the making aren’t you?

This clueless, lack of common sense shtick of yours while getting a high priced education makes your dad want to cry.


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I bet you think this blog is about you... Carly Simon song comes to mind haha

Your skid sounds annoying, 

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Yes! Too funny, huh? 

I’m a commercial photographer by trade, and use much larger rings, so I got a good chuckle seeing skid use one for selfies. 

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Gads. When I had a FakeBook account, SD23's wall was peppered with selfies. And every selfie had her crossing her arms to "plump up" her cleavage. DH was mortified and said "she looks like a damn hooker!!!". Well, she certainly looks AND acts just like her mother, BioHO...

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Here is your chance to type out your whore haiku for our collective titillation, Aniki.

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Skanky BioHo

Middle daughter mini 'Ho

Apple off the tree. 

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Woman, you said 'haiku'. I wrote a haiku!!! Did you mean...

One baby daddy
Two baby daddies
Three baby daddies
How many baby daddies does it take
To make you a whore?


That one??

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I know a FORTY-ONE year old on Fakebook who posts 1000000000000000000 selfies, every. single. day! It's disturbing.

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Im so glad that crap was not around when I was growing up.  No fakebook to show what an idiot tween/teen I was.  lol


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I have stepdemon and Biowh0re and her shitclan all permablocked. Biowh0re and her loathesome, vile, repugnant, sleazy crackwhore cumdumpster sisters love to take selfies of themselves flipping the bird. It is so disgraceful and immature I lack the vocabulary to express how much it makes them despise them all the more.

Crass, no integrity or scruples. Absolutely disgusting.

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UHHh CRINGE!  My SD does either the pouty duck lips or the tongue out- EVERY damn picture...not one with a normal smile or expression.  I can't stand it!  lol 

What is it w/these dang stupid girls?


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Yeah, I don’t know what’s up with tweens/teens. I’ve met some pretty levelheaded, mature, outgoing and smart young women.

Too bad skid isn’t one of them. She’s loud, sassy (I’ve noticed this summer), and full of herself in a very unhealthy way - just like her mom. 

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One time at my last job (a fine dining restaurant) I saw a teenage girl with her parents and she was sitting right across from them, taking duck lip selfies, oblivious to the fact she was in public in plain sight of people.  So ridiculous!

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Skid has as much self awareness as a dog licking its own arsehole in public. 

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Ugh my skid is like that. Posing in every reflective surface she can find, constantly taking selfies and acting like she's such hot shit. It's repulsive how vain and conceited she is, and what's worse is it's completely unfounded; her face looks as rough as a badger's arse.