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Stay out of MY stuff, skid

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For how damn cold I am with skid, and disengaged I am from skid - she has the audacity to use my stuff. Like, beauty product stuff. 

We only have one bathroom in our home, so all of my (hair, skin, nails) beauty products are kept in a closet in our bathroom. Up high of course, because we have littles.

That said, and like a lot of women, I have a good amount of midrange to expensive products. Since I only splurge on manicures and pedicures every few month, I have invested in some spendy polish. Polish that’s around $15 - $20 a bottle. 

Apparently, princess has been helping herself to my things, particularly my polish, while I’m away at work. My 5-year-old tells me this every time she sees me in my polish box. I asked DH and he confirmed that, yes, skid does her nails every time she is here. Like, no big deal, momjeans. Lighten up.

Since I have no clue if skid is still here (she’s usually gone by the end of the first week in August), I’m going to make the extra effort to put all my stuff in our bedroom tomorrow morning before I head off to work. 

Screw you, princess.


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Not knowing the schedule would drive me batty.

Sounds like dad needs to buy her some nail polish and keep her out of yours. 

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It totally drives me batty. 

I know that my MIL has a ton of polish at her house. Skid chooses to use mine, obviously.

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Oh, leave your stuff in the closet! But buy a toolbox and put a damn lock on it. If your DH wants princess to have $20 nail polish, he can bloody well go buy her some. Asshat.

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I've hidden chocolate in boxes of feminine products and freezer bags of "brussel sprouts".  *diablo*

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I wish this posting had happened years ago. I would have used both those ideas!

Even boys use stuff and poke around in crap that they shouldn't have any business touching.

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lock boxes and locking cabinets work wonders!  Been there, done that.

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That's so maddening. Keep it in your bedroom locked. My boyfriend's daughter looked at my expensive face moisturizer on the counter asked what it was then opened it up and preceded to try it in front of my face without asking....

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I would die.

It’s indeed maddening - and weird. I think it’s one thing to wrongly help yourself to other people’s things, but it’s definitely odd to help yourself to the things of someone who loathes the very sight of you. 

It’s quite ballsy, actually. 

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I would tell DH you have a fungal infection and that anybody who used that polish is at risk.

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Oh, and if your DH thinks it's no big deal? Start using HIS stuff. And I don't mean actually USE it - just dispose of it here and there. 

Dribble some aftershave into the toilet. 
Wash some shaving cream down the drain.
Scrap down his deodorant. 
Pitch some of his hemmorhoid pads.

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I wouldn't! Might cause problems with your 'personal' shave. Who knows how dull that razor is??

Take his razor and scrape it over concrete.

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she'll be in your most personal of personals before ya know it!  SD17 took my "personal massager" when she was 14.  Ewwww.  I was mortified and I'm pretty sure that's where or relationship took a turn toward Doomstown!  *stop*

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O M G.

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"Period Paddy" laying on the floors & in various SD's rooms. By FAR for me the most hurlific thing I've read on here. 

That and the sick mini-wife episodes. Ugh!

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If your husband is anything like mine, he has no clue what you pay for any of treasured little bottles, tubes and tubs . He certainly would not be running out and purchasing $20 bottles of nail polish for Princess, nor would he be allowing her to dig on into your closet supply if he had any idea there is hundreds of dollars wrapped in there. 

But that's besides the point. She has no business being in your personal products and she knows it. Little brat maybe even asked Daddy if she could use it.

Yes, I certainly hope you informed husband that if she ever uses your products again or even just snoops to see what all you have in there , you will break her fingers and smack him silly (meh, ok, so maybe not so violent *shrugs*).

So, she might already be gone? Does that mean there was no journal left to read this summer?

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I’m curious if she even asked him. I get the feeling that she didn’t. I’m thinking she was poking around in our bathroom, like she tries to poke around in general at our house, and came across my polish. 

The crappy part is DH *does* know how much it costs. He used to buy me one of the brands (Butter London) all the time, when we were just dating. I wouldn’t put it past him to splurge on it for skid, given the right opportunity.

My spidey senses tell me she’s most likely gone. No journal this summer that I’m aware of. If there is, it will most likely not be shared with me, because I was H O T after last summer’s exit stage left fiasco. I kind of want there to be, so I can read it, because this summer had to have skid feeling the magnitude of my disengagement.

After a couple years of radio silence, I am feeling like BM will send DH a scathing email once skid is home, though.

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I truly believe that a huge portion of my outrage over Ss34 and his GF staying in our home (without permission) while we were on vacation had to do with their attitude that anything of mine was fair game. 

DH and I married later in life. SS never lived with us. This was never his home. I own the home - not DH.  80% or more of the contents are mine and mine alone. 

There were big problems like their even coming inside much less moving in, sleeping in our bedroom not the lovely guest room, stealing 5 big Costco sized bottles of booze, etc.  But I was probably just as offended by her using my hairbrush and pawing through my lingerie drawer. 

And this may sound very petty (but remember they were NOT supposed to be there at all) but I even resented the fact that they chose to empty a gallon container of peanut oil to fry some crap and left the big pan full of dirty oil on the stove.  I HATED that they ransacked everything I owned and used  whatever they wanted. 

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yeah, Missy has a pair of what I call "grabby hands". And she will follow me around, and follow me into my bedroom, and reach into my jewelry, and lay on my bed.

I think its because she sees me as a "mother figure", and at her mothers apartment, she shares a room with her mother, as her sister feral forger has the other room.

I hate it. I dont go into her room, at all, unless I need something she forgot or need to water the plants in there.

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“Grabby hands,” LOL.

People fully laying down on other people’s bed is a weird pet peeve of mine. I would never plop down on someone’s bed. Skid does this all the time on our DD’s bed. Shoes and all. I just stand there and glare daggers at her until someone, usually MIL, tells her to get up.

This is why skid is forbidden to EVER enter our room. This is also why I shutdown MIL *hard* on her going in our room too. She started that crap a few weeks prior to skid arriving for summer visitation. I believe MIL was testing boundaries so she could take skid in our room when DH and I were away at work. Totally her MO.

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Yo, Hon,

I have some facial creams from Skin Ceuticals that were more expensive than I dare admit. If I caught grabby teenaged fingers in those products, I'd be spinning around the room like an untied balloon. ARRRGGHH!

Is there a reason why you can't put a lock on your bedroom door and keep your personal products there? Dang, that MIL of yours! One of those old hags who live forever, strewing dissension in her path. She and her granddaughter sound like birds of a feather.

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Que, Que ?! 

I no longer have this problem, two bathrooms. However, I am also such a Petty Labelle that I will say thing out loud when it comes to the guest bathroom that you can basically is my ODDs. Like “Okay, I just stocked up your soaps, bath bombs etc lets make sure they don’t get used all in one day because they’re yours.” Or if SD ask ODD for hair ties or products ( SD and I have very curly hair where ODD has straight hair) I’ll say “Nope ain’t got them”. Sorry but my things are my things and not for the sticky ungrateful fingers of a SD. 

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We have 2.5 bathrooms in our house and one is a master bath. My SDs 15 and 11 decided they dont want to use their shower. No..... they want to use mine. With out asking me if they could use me bathroom they will constantly go into my room and take a shower and then lock my bedroom door in the process. One day Aunt flo was In town and I need to do an oil change and SD was in my room with the door locked for over an hour. Doing God knows what. I was infuriated. My DH saw nothing wrong with it. I told him if aunt flo made an appearance all over the rug he was cleaning it up. DH still said nothing to his little brat. I now have a lock on my door and all her crap is behind it!

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Yep yep! Same here. I now also have a lock. My MIL was about to cry when she found out that I got a lock for my bedroom door. Bahahaha poor skids might actually have to use their own bathroom.

well the lock didn’t do very good because when we are at home they still use our room and bedroom like it’s theirs. My blood boils each time.....I have never told my own kids not to use my bathroom.....but they never do....oh that’s right because I raised them with common sense and a sense of awareness.

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“My MIL was about to cry when she found out that I got a lock for my bedroom door.”

We have a lock on our bedroom door, but I haven’t enforced using it around my MIL being in our house, out of purely not wanting to give her another reason to me emotionally triggered. 

My MIL’s level of emotional involvement with DH and my BIL is so unhealthy and abnormal - to me. When I discuss her behavior with others, professional and non, they also agree that it’s not normal. It’s as if she wants to be the second “wife” to her grown sons, and the second “mom” to her grandchildren. 

You could scream in her face and she’d refuse to accept she is the problem. That she’s the one with serious enmeshment and codependent issues. 

No matter the severity of me icing everyone out to an arms length distance, they keep trying to chip away at it to get close for their own comfort. It’s so, SO gross. 

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My SD takes my phone charger, my brush, my lotion, my shampoo, etc and uses them without returning them to my locations! I told her Father this will stop and that he better handle it or I will. Nothing has been taken since Smile

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Ugh, this is one of my nightmares, bc I definitely use different shampoos and body washes for myself vs what is supplied for SO/SD7 (drugstore - bc they don't care and don't know how to appreciate the high end stuff anyway). BUT as she gets older, I'm afraid she'll start noticing, and gurrrrl...if your mama wants to be extra and take you to get mani/pedis at this age that you ruin in a day (though I know it's mostly for mom and she just needs to occupy SD), it'll be up to her to supply fancy toiletries and cosmetics for you later. Bc daddy for sure doesn't know anything about it.

Your DH may honestly not understand why it's a big deal, bc it's not his stuff and he probably doesn't give a darn about nail polish. So no, he doesn't have to think it's a big deal. But if you don't like it and request that she stops touching your stuff, he and SD need to respect that. If it's no big deal to him for her to be using your stuff, it should be no big deal to stop then either. Otherwise he'll have to explain why he passionately needs SD to use your nail polish. ::eyeroll::