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Skid + (our) cats

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My DD (5.5) informed me today that “skid is allergic to cats,” and I AM HERE FOR IT.

Seriously, I am overjoyed at the thought of this so-called allergy keeping her far, far away.

Funny that skid had no issues being around our two cats last summer...

Also, my in-laws have an indoor cat. A blind geriatric one - but, a cat. 

Editing to add: Our cats are strictly indoor cats, though you would never know we have cats. I vacuum at least once, if not twice a day, and their cat boxes are strategically placed and kept as clean as humanly possible - daily. Between the two cats, only one of them gives skid the time of day, as that cat is rather loyal to me, DH, and the kids. I Look forward to how this is going to be an issue for skid. 


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Ha ha ha. 

There are no words to describe how happy I felt hearing that. I expect skid to not step foot in my house for the remainder of summer visitation then. I have a feeling it’s only going to be A Thing when it suits her. 

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LOL. I had a catnip plant in a backyard of a house years ago. My now ex and I couldn't understand why alllllll the cats were laying around our patio in the evenings when we first moved in.... literally stoned out of thier kitty minds! Hilarious! We ended up removing it because kitty poop in the flower beds....

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I feel this is skid’s summer visitation attention grabber moment. 

Last year it was journaling DH’s every word and move.

The year before that it was a hyper extended finger at day camp. MIL deemed that worthy of a lengthy urgent care trip and a taped-up, finger splinted skid.

For the remainder of the summer, skid kept talking to me with her finger splint hand up against her face, in attempt to get me to notice and squeeze sympathy out of me, but that NEVER happened. 


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My SS was supposedly allergic to dogs, even though BM had one and we have two and we never saw a single symptom.  Then he had "exercise induced asthma" because he "had trouble breathing when he ran". Yep, it's called being out of shape.

All of his maladies went away when they become inconvenient.

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tog redux, How is one allergic to dogs? Is this legit A Thing? Genuinely inquiring, because I’ve never heard of such a thing. 

Honestly, I’m leery of any human who makes fictitious excuses to stay away from animals - especially cats and dogs - unless you’re legit (and visibly) allergic to cats, of course. Asthmatic, etc.

Par for the course, I guess. From what DH has told me, BM has gone through several dogs, only to abandon them in the middle of the night, because “they’re too much work.”

Ugh. Just ugh. 

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I am allergic to dogs but not as much as cats.  I have a dog, take allergy meds, and do fine usually.  

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Said ferals were "allergic to cats" 

Actually they had ringworm from Gir's filthy house and ill kept pets.