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O/T: TV shows

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What are you currently watching, or what have you recently finished that you’d recommend?

Disengagement this time of year is the best. I get all cozy with some wine and all the lights off, but the Christmas tree lights, after I tuck in my littles.

I just finished the first season of Broadchurch (I know, I’m a few seasons late to discovering this show) in 2 days and it is so, SO good!

I also recently finished watching Chef’s Table. It’s a beautiful show if shows about food are your thing.

Both show are on Netflix.



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Making a Murderer had me glued for the whole day.

I'm also a big fan of Son's of Anarchy. It's brutal but it's addicting.

Or if you're looking for something innocent and quirky Bob's Burgers is hilarious.

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DH and I binge watch every Friday night, lol. Currently it's.
The Good Doctor
The Mayor
The Good Place
Young Sheldon
The Orville
Lethal Weapon
(On the side I watch walking dead, lol, DH just isn't quite as into gore as I am...)

I probably missed some. We start the second the girls are in bed and are normally up pretty late. lol

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I like them! I never watched anything until it was released on Netflix until I married DH. lol

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"The Good Place" is awesome, I binge-watched the entire season the day after Thanksgiving. If I remember right it takes an episode or two to get into, but couldn't stop watching it

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I love it. It's been so well done! it's honestly one of the ones I get the most excited about watching.

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I LOVE HOUSE. Probably one of my favorites still!

It's by the same creators, and he's super brilliant. I'd say maybe a similar vibe, but it's not like house either. I know that's not super helpful, lol.

You should give it a try!

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Shameless. I binge watched what was on Netflix.

Grace & Frankie was pretty good too... funny.

Once upon a time....which I watched with the kids. If you like fairytales and like twisted plots, this one's a good one.

One I watched just for the dramatic parenting dynamics was Jane the Virgin. It's funny, light hearted, but kind of relatable in some ways to many things that happens on this site. Disney GUBM, dad with 2 babymamas, they all try to get along... it's cute. I like it.

Secret guilty pleasures:

-Big Mouth
-Happy tree friends
-Mrs Brown's Boys

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Thanks, secret!

I was watching episodes of Shameless here and there, but stopped because I really need to start with season 1. I really like it!

Happy Tree Friends is a guilty pleasure of mine too. Haven’t watched it in years, though.

One of my guilty pleasure shows is Broad City.

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Also, I’m sort of killing time waiting for the new season of Black Mirror.

Baskets, and Master of None are two other favorites of mine, lately.

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If you like Black Mirror, have you tried Stranger things? I just finished the first season last night. Pretty interesting!

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other than the above... what I watch is documentary-ish, or things like Life below Zero, The Hunt, Meat Eater, Deadliest Catch... and animated family movies.

I did enjoy Vampire Diaries a few years ago, I have to admit. My daughter sucked me into bonding over it.

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oh well then some of my faves are:

fat sick and nearly dead
Food, Inc.
Zeitgeist (not sure it's on netflix)
Living on 1$

pretty much anything Blue Planet/wildest islands / dangerous encounters / other animal or nature related thing

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If you like "Black Mirror," try "Dimension 404" on Hulu. Similar concept, but not as dark in tone. "Stranger Things" is the best.

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Thanks for the recommendation! I’ll check it out.

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The Librarians. The show is on TNT, but we don't have cable. This weekend, we binge-watched all 3 Librarian movies and TV seasons 1, 2, and 3. Love the show!!!

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I have been wanting to watch Good Behavior. I see it must be awesome. Adding to my binge watch list.

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It's dried up a bit for us. We just finished stranger things, walking dead is finished for now, most of those series mentioned we have watched. Sad
We just enjoyed a german one called Dark, it was a bit confusing (english subtitles) but I quite enjoyed it. Peaky Blinders is fantastic at the moment, don't want that to end. Hoping there's some good stuff coming up after christmas.

I stopped playing Wow recently after 10 years! and I don't know what to do with myself apart from read or handicrafts.

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I have been watching Dark, too. I thought I wouldn't like it because of the dubbing/subtitles, but that wasn't at all distracting.

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Just finished "Godless" on Netflix. It is a western centering on a town that is run mostly by women because the men were all killed in a mining accident. There are some "stock" western characters - but it is interesting having most of the attention on the woman. It does move back and forth in time and location and is a bit confusing at first, but stick with it and it all comes together.

Also love "Z-Nation" on sci-fy. Much more humorous than "The Walking Dead," but it will give you some zombie action. (Look for nods to "The Walking Dead." In the first season they mention some people taking shelter in a prison.)

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Stranger Things/Stranger Things 2 was AWESOME.

I also watched Jane The Virgin. The Following, and My Crazy Ex Girlfriend....really silly. Riverdale was good.

Damages with Glenn Close was good. Friday the Netflix original movie Bright with Will Smith will be released.

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I started watching Top of the Lake and got addicted. Unfortunately, it's not on Netflix, so I had to try it on Kodi. Kodi sucks big time because it keeps pausing constantly and I can't even watch the show anymore. I was on episode two in season two. I tried TV Online, but that doesn't work either. It drove me insane, so I had to give up. Right now, I'm looking for a new show to binge watch, but it has to be Netflix. I think I'll give Broadchurch a shot. Momjeans' comment about it being so good has me intrigued.