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I overheard Skid’s summer break itinerary

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Yes, you read that right. Overheard, because I’m never given this information face-to-face. 

And why would anyone? I mean, I obviously don’t care and don’t want to be bothered with any of it (in the big picture this is absolutely correct, btw), but I will be forced into a place of having some feelings/opinions about things at some point.

My MIL has been trying her darnedest to lovebomb me for WEEKS, which is always the case leading-up to Skid’s 8-week long summer visitation. And I’ve been a bit receptive to it, as she has helped here and there to fill-in short amounts of time, watching our littles until my husband gets home from work, while I’m at work. 

So, the in-laws were over last night. I walk back into the kitchen where DH and MIL were having a hushed conversation. I hear MIL say “Skid will be here on the 3rd.” She then proceeds to throw out some dates. Dates where DH works and dates in which DH has scheduled long distance marathons. These races are all day events. I hear DH respond, “I cannot move work around...” and “This is an all day race. It will be hot and crowded there...” 

Now I’m going to have to be silently proactive about my work schedule, moving things around and seeking back-up care for Saturdays, because hell-to-the-no will they be hanging out at our house on Saturdays, trashing the place and snooping around. 

I already had to inform my MIL a week ago to not enter our bedroom. That it was our private space, because I know damn well MIL was trying to cross that boundary, so she could take Skid into our room while she’s here over the summer, as MIL gets her jollies off by crossing personal boundaries. 



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WT-everloving-F is this situation? Oh hell no would I be okay with people planning things concerning my home and time without including me.

This would piss me off beyond belief. Sneaky arseholes.

You have tremendous patience and tolerance.

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BM is STILL refusing to coordinate Skid’s visitation with DH.  Because why - when she can go straight to my in-laws who never say “No,” especially to her? 

On top of this, MIL is still allowing this out of BM, instead of shutting it down, informing BM to take it up with DH. 

MIL is nothing more than a three-ring circus wannabe ringmaster. She’s also like a feral cat that pisses on everything to push her wishful dominance. 

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I'm confused - if MIL wants to dote on skid all summer, why can't she take him/her?  Why would it be on you?

Don't do secret changes to avoid her - tell your DH outright what you are and aren't willing to do.

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I totally agree - they just expect me to toe the line. I never do. You’d think they’d change their approach and game plan. 

I should clarify that I’d be making changes to cut-off the need for MIL’s presence, in our home, over the summer. 

There’s no doubt that my MIL thinks she’s sitting in a pretty sweet spot right now. That is, until I pull the rug out from underneath her. LOL


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And let’s not forget that Skid kept a journal last summer of everything DH did or said in her presence, then handed it off to him before she flew back home.

I feel like it’s my duty to shut this sh*t down before it even happens again this summer. 

Also, I think I found an official nickname for skid:


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We talked the other night about Skid’s upcoming visit, but more so revisited the whole journaling fiasco. Per DH, he *did* address it with Skid after she left to go back home. I am unsure if this was by phone call or text, because I feel as though addressing the matter by text wouldn’t have conveyed the seriousness of her doing this. 

So, yeah. We will see. If anything, DH has been forewarned that I will have none of this behavior being repeated this summer.