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From cats to mosquitoes

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Apparently, there are no mosquitoes in skid’s city, because oh boy is it an issue. Actually, it’s an issue every year when she’s here.

Yes, we live in the south. Yes, bugs are a problem in the summertime, but they’re not nonexistent where skid lives. We know this because we used to live there too.

Last night, skid was mouthing something to MIL in our kitchen, in an attempt to keep it on the down-low that she was getting bit (walking from the car into our home, I assume?) and needed mosquito bite medicine pronto. 

I have some, but didn’t offer it, because screw her and screw MIL for even standing there, entertaining skid’s special treatment. 

While I’m aware this is an issue, for every human being on earth, especially in the south, just what is this behavior from skid? As in - it’s always something. ALWAYS. And as much as I hate referring to someone as a “snowflake,” skid is totally a snowflake. If it’s not the cats that reside in our home - it’s the bugs outside, you know, in the humid south. 

Is it just straight up attention seeking? I know that skid is high maintenance, but is this normal 12-year-old girl behavior? Is she testing the attentiveness and loyalty to her from those around her? 


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I think if skid doesn’t like getting bit, or the after effects of getting bit, like she experiences every summer here, that she should carry the appropriate topical products in her fanny pack like a big girl. 

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Or MIL could have brought it up? SD is a big girl. I know not mentioning it might sound petty, but I’ve been in your situation. My SD has told DH that I’m nosy because I butt in. But really it would be me being a part of the conversation or helping with something that DH didn’t know (like where the band-aids were, etc.) 

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Let’s not forget that skid is under MIL’s thumb and her pet project every time she’s here on visitation. I fully expect MIL to navigate this, as I’m sure she does the rest of summer and not around me. 

I fully expect MIL has these products readily on hand, if not in her purse herself. 

As I state in this post, it’s rather attention grabby.

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I'd ignore it. If its really that bad she should walk around with some OFF spray and call it a day. If she can't open her mouth to communicate something than oh well. She's aware of this EVERY year so she should be better prepared. I don't see what the big deal is by asking you or H for some spray.

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I agree. 

She relies on codependent MIL to be her buffer in all areas of life when she’s here. That’s what MIL wants, and that’s what DH allows. 

I just have a front row seat to all this buffoonery.

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I'm sure she's old enough to know what preventitive measures to take to keep from being bitten and how to treat them.

At age 8, after going sauna at my aunt/uncle/s place down by the lake, I used to RUN FULL SPEED back to the house to avoide being bitten. I was not about to spray of OFF after I'd just gotten clean!

Does SD know where you keep the stuff? We have Caladryl Clear in our refrigerator. All of the skids know it and haven't asked to use it for YEARS.

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That’s my feeling on it too. If she’s old enough to put in the effort to take perfectly lit selfies on her iPhone, she’s old enough to be proactive at not getting bit, or treating bites, because I can only imagine the horror if she were to get one on her face. 

Skid may not know where to look for medicines, as we keep them high up and away with littles in the home, but she’s more than capable and welcome to ask DH, opposed to standing in front of me, mouthing whatever it was exactly she was mouthing to MIL, in hopes of squeezing an ounce of empathy out of me.

I *used* to be quick to eagerly jump in and offer my assistance with stuff like this, but after the way I’ve been treated by my in-laws, no way. Done and done.

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"...perfectly lit selfies on her iPhone..."

Oh, she's MORE than old enough to ask someone who LIVES IN THE HOUSE. Sheesh. But, oh, nol Better to crab and whine to someone else. Sigh...

I have a niece in her early 30s who is still coddled like this by her mother. It's appalling.