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Medical Bills

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So....yet again we have another issue that BM has to cause drama and think it's her way or nothing at all.
Divorce decree states each parent must keep insurance on child and pay half of out of pocket expenses. BM has NO medical insurance on ss6 because when she divorced me DH they worked for same company, had same insurance so she let DH carry ss6. Well now she doesn't work for the same company yet claims DH insurance won't accept dual coverage. That is BOGUS. I carry ss on my insurance for dual coverage. That's number one.
Number two is that when we pay OUR bill in full and send it to her she fights us and tells us she won't pay us only the hospital. This woman is so far into debt and can't even pay HER bills in full for child. DH and I will not let our credit go to collections because she is irresponsible.
Number Three she tells us she has paid and our account will get credit. Sorry hunny that hasn't happened at all. Why lie to kick it?
Number four is she takes child to tutoring (he is average for his age and is now being put into college prep classes at age 6?) and asks us to pay for half and then medical bills will be even.

Is this woman freaking kidding me? What do we do about this? Pay our bills in full and don't even send them to her to stop drama? Go to court again and have the judge make a decision because she won't listen to us? Make her pay all out of pocket because she carries no insurance?

I wan't the drama to stop so bad I get headaches from this woman. Remember she has been gone for 4 yrs and now expects to call the shots. Sorry but I don't live like that.

Also does DH stick her with the past 4 yrs of medical bills that total up to $3000 to make her shut up???

Advice Advice Advice


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I really don't understand why the medical bills are so high. But, well, it's whatever the order says.

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As others have noted, there is no such thing as "the BM is out of the picture" unless they have assumed room temperature.

Sorry you're going through this! I can relate. The Behemoth stuck GG (read: me) with so many bills it wasn't funny!