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In A Bind

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BM won't contribute to anything besides what ss6 sees her contribute to. She won't carry medical insurance because she doesn't have a paying job. She complains when we pay medical bills under our name in full to prevent her from messing our credit up. She will only pay hospital yet she can't even pay the bills that are in her name. Question is shall we just pay and not send bill to stop any drama from coming our way or stick it to her since she hasn't been in the picutre for last 4 yrs and causes grief once I was in the picture?
Next we ask her to buy school clothes and allow them to come to our house and we will pay her half. She tells us not to pay but stopping our harrassing emails is payment enough. The only reason we email is to say we are visiting out of state, pickup/dropoff arrangements and reminders of doctors appointments as well as clothing shopping. This woman went to school to be a lawyer and she claims we harrass. She uses each email to degrade DH or myself. We don't ever say things in emails about her.
She tries to make it in her emails that we don't take care of child either. He is almost 7 and kids grow unbeknown to her so yes clothes to get outgrown quickly if they hit a growth spurt yet she is supermom to the rescue and buys him clothes. I should say her bf buys it all since she is a loser of a mother and only is with guys for money.

How shall DH and I handle all this? Cease all with her and cause less drama or stick it to her and how to stop the nonsense in emails?


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i REFUSE to communicate through emails. with my x he can only call my home phone to talk to BD at 7:30pm, if after that he wants to talk about pick up than we talk, anthing beyond that i hang up the phone. with my FH and the BM of SS7,,,, well he is on my insurance and i am the one that takes him to all the doctor app's. i pay for the co-pays and i get a reciept and she pays up the half that she owes, for all medicines also. i save all reciepts and i make sure i kick FH in his ass to collect from BM.

i would only pay for the things that you are taking him to. Have her show you reciepts AND LOOK AT THE RECIEPTS and pay half of what you want. in a lot of court CS papers it usually documents that anthing outside of CS you have a 50 50 or 70 30 of who pays for what. look at the papers. Does bm have the kid full time?

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Why do you refuse to communicate through email?? I tend to prefer it. Smile

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DH and BM have joint physical and legal custody. He lives with us because she took off before he was 2 and only came into the picture full force when I became involved in their lives. Divorce decree states half of insurance premiums and anything not paid by insurace so 50 50. Both DH and I cover ss on medical insurance and with my insurance because i work at the local hospital anything towards deductible is a write off sooooooooooooo she saves so much and does so little.
emails work best for us because we can save those for future court cases just in case and im the one doing the emailing as DH because im so much more whitty than he is. usually we ignore her but she always jabs. she wont pay us half but we do pay her because we are mature and responsible and never want to give her the upper hand on anything