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Fathers Day Debacle

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So, this morning I got up to help my stepson and my daughter make a breakfast for my husband for fathers day. I then took my duaghter to her dad's house and went and saw my dad. My 18 year old step daughter is away, returning today from the beach. She literally got with me at 9:30 this morning to ask about a dinner for her dad. He then gets upset with me, says he is going to forget all about fathers day because he is always an afterthought. I am very put out and upset. For me, fathers and mothers day is a breakfast and that's it. I was going to do something nice for dinner but had nothing planned. His daughter said nothing of this until this morning - I had no idea she would even be around as she will be quarantining after being on vacation with friends. So, now my husband is in a hissy fit, doesn't want any dinner at all. I am so over his dramatic bullsh**. He could have just said that him and I would take his son out to eat but apparently, he didnt like the way i asked the question. OMG, what do I do here? I do so much for our family and am always putting others before me. I get up to help the kids make him breakfast since his daughter wasn't here and nothing I do is good enough. And, he did NOTHING for me for mothers day - it was all my kids!!


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HI...sorry you had to deal with all this today.

Hope it gets better as the day goes on .

You may want to consider changing your user name to something  where NO one can reach you outside of ST. It's for your own protection.


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His daughter is freaking 18. Can she.really not do something for her dad without your help? More like she wants YOU to do something while she takes credit. 

She can go to the beach by herself. Surely she can make him dinner! 

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and you don't have minor children with him.  It's up to his children to do something for him for Father's Day.