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Had a moment of tenderness toward BM today....

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.....even inspiring a new name for her, La Trashionista. Smile

La Trashionista hyperspends. She has declared bankruptcy in the past, borrowed huge amounts of money from people and not paid them back, and continues to spend like it's goin' out of style. She buys SSs anything they want, including hideous "stylish" boy clothes and shoes that are all the rage- plaids mixed with camouflage, brightbright colors, ugh, just awful. "Sneakers" with absolutely no support for two really active athletic boys, both of whom have excruciating shin pains so bad that they scream- and they walk/run around in fabric sneakers with no ankle support and no shock absorption. But least she buys her kids clothes and shoes. Those two have massive amounts of clothing and footwear.

I, on the other hand, am the only parent who buys my kids clothing or footwear, even though their dad could walk into a Stride Rite and spend a quarter of what he makes in an hour buying two pairs of GOOD shoes each for two kids. He just won't. I don't even think it occurs to him that he could/should be doing this for his kids.

Ugh. So go, Trashionista, go! Btw, this is a good name for her because of her former ties to the fashion industry....the fact that she is FABULOUS....and her behavior is not as classy as she seems to think it is.