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Boardwalk Empire....

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...appears to be more important than having a really important, albeit potentially pointless, conversation about upcoming court. DH is officially in his cave and in spite of the snarky first sentence, I understand. There feels like there is just no point in discussing it.

Steptalkers who have been "through" court- law guardians, psychological evaluations, re-written alienation clauses, judge-ordered parenting stress management classes:

Can anything- BM being diagnosed as having mental issues, her massive alienation uncovered in the psych. eval. because the skids have told the truth- (and we know that this is the best possible outcome), *guarantee* that BM will stop the hell she has been putting her kids and us through for almost three years?

There is no guarantee that even if the correct things happen, that BM won't amp up the alienation to a much greater level if things "go our way" in court over the next few months. And there is of course no guarantee that SSs won't hate their dad (worst case scenario) and/or me anyway if BM does continue this in spite of court orders, etc...etc....only difference is we'll be in debt and she'll continue it, and they will hate our debt-ridden a$$es.

Am I spot on, or would this be the best money we could borrow/spend?


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If it gives you any hope, my FDH has full custody of his three kids. BM has limited visitation and is ordered to pay child support (not that she actually pays it). He was the first man in the state to get custody of the kids. She tried to get custody again after I moved in and was denied. The CO was amended to allow FDH & I to cohabitate out of wedlock. The courts have generally seen through BM's tactics to make herself look like a victim and MOTY. BM does herself no favors in court and her motives are pretty darn apparent. (Example: she tried to kidnap the kids when they were young, she filed for custody the day after her motion to reduce her child support payment was denied, etc.) Of course, FDH spent an huge amount of money on the original fight to get custody and is still in debt 10 years later because of it. And, the kids see that their BM really is not much of a mom. Her two oldest (20 & 17) refuse to have anything to do with her and SS13 only sees her 2 days a month. The youngest, SD10, still adores her mom but loves me and appreciates all the things we do for her that her mom won't. Despite BM's victim routine the kids see who "takes care of business" and who doesn't. I guess we are living proof that sometimes it works out for the father and kids best interest despite a POS BM.