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awful stepdaughter

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Sad i have a 10 yr old SD, she lies, steals, manipulates, gossips, and is just plain awful. She also is not biologically my husbands. Her bio mom cheated and she was the result. I have 4 of my own children prior to my current husband and he has two daughters. His ex is a convicted drug addict among many other crimes. Shes a hot mess, so the girls live with us. Husband works 6-7 days a week at times and i am the one raising the 6 children. The 10 yr old has stolen money from me on numerous occasions, goes in my room and takes my clothes, my shoes, and misc other things. I find it in her room under the bed, hidden in drawers and she then lies about it. She contacts MY family members and gossips to them, causing issues that i have to clean up. It has gotten to the point i have to send her to her granfmas house to just have a bbq and invite my family. I HATE her. I want her to go live with her mother so bad!! He bio got out of rehab anf is trying to get her life together and i just want the SD to go live with her. My husband refuses to allow it, but the SD does not fit in our family! I cringe when i wake up knowing i will have to even walk past her. I cant stand her! .... it is ruining my marriage, he wants to go on family vacations or day trips and i refuse because i cant stand to be aroud her. I hate her whiney vice, i hate when she speaks cuz i know its gonna be a lie, i have to lock up my room just to go into the kitchen cuz i am afraid shes gonna take something. I feel like a prisoner, and i wanna smack the shit out of her... she looks and acts just like her mom.... i wish she would go live with her!!!


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You have a right to feel this way. This is too much to deal with. Your husband needs a dose of reality . Have you tried counceling or just telling him how you really feel. It sounds like you love him but that little bitch knows what she's doing. I had a similar situation not with drugs and crazy bm but similar. I left for two months told dh he could go through what I go through he saw the light quick. Happy to report my little witch is out of the country. Don't lose yourself in this mess. These brats will create havoc in our minds. Stand up for yourself and your marriage. That child needs some additional help I'm sure she feels like she is not wanted on either side. But that ain't your problem pray for her and send her ass packing. Tell DH you love him but this is a matter of saving your mental health!!!!

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What is your H doing about her issues? Is he disciplining her?

Quite frankly, your problem isn't so much the skid (though her actions SUCK and I know how frustrating it is), as much as it's your H's complete lack of parenting.

First....put a padlock on your bedroom door and office if you have one. That will kill the stealing and going through your things. your family member. Tell them when this particular skid calls to hang up the phone and notify you when she calls. They already know she's a problem, so nip it in the bud from the get go.

Third....sit your H down and tell him he must step up and start parenting. I suggest marriage and family counseling. If he's interested in saving his marriage, then he'll go. And he'll start doing what he needs to do.

If he gives you shit, ask him this simple question...."What would you be doing if I wasn't here to help you with your children?"

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I left when the demon ss was acting like your sd. I was gone for 3 weeks and returned when dh saw what a brat he was. SS went to bootcamp. I got a bit of a rest. So much energy wasted on those kids.