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Small rant

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So this is going to be a quick rant.

BM and her husband are full fledge bikers. I can't stand when the drive by our house on their motorcycles. Like come on. There are different ways you guys can go to where you're going. 

SO and I were outside on our deck.. and oh look! BM, her husband,  and someone else riding on by. Can't stand it. The fact that she does ZERO with the skids is why it pisses me off even more. 

I need a night out. 


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This is why I am glad that we've always been at least 30 minutes away from BM. Add in a couple of highways and a river and it has never been convenient to just drive by our house.

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I wish we were further away. She's only 10 minutes away unfortunately. We recently found out that she hangs out with the neighbors of SOs co worker. (down the street from us) SS15 cuts SOs coworkers yard. All of sudden (6 weeks ago) BM, her husband, and 15 people roll up to meet at this house. Gives SS15 big hug and crap. SO and SS15 were almost done too. SO said he was getting out of there as quick as possible.

Funny how two weeks later was Mother's Day and she DID NOT take the skids because of Covid. Strange...SO and SS15 witnessed you hanging out with 15 plus people two weeks prior. Ugh.


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When we got custody of spawn we used to take BD1 at the time for walks on a certain path.  Meth Mouth would drive by the path and honk and wave the I love you in sign language to Spawn.  Since spawn was busy basking in meth mouths false sense of love I would flip the b@tch off every time.  It was my little piece of solace in a total sh@t situation. 

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HA! She knows what I think of her. I just find it bizarre that she is mentally ok with driving by the house her kids live in but never doing anything with them... 

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if a large bag of marbles was accidentally released on the street in front of your house.