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Quick BM rant.. What else is new..

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BM took SD to her monthly nail appointment... the only thing she does and I was curious if she was going to do something else today so here's a back story.. 

Well.. SD got her first period New Years day... if some may recall BM told SD little over a year ago that she BETTER tell HER first and NOT missk when it happens!! 

Well SD yelled to me that she needed help because she was pretty sure she got it. She did. Now.. SD is a little late to the party as she will be 15 in April and I had been prepping her for at least 2 years for this.. 

We went to the store for more supplies etc. She DID text BM, BM didn't call her from what I know. 

So I saw on the cameras that when BM dropped SD off that she was empty handed. I REALLY thought she might stop and get the girl supplies for next month (?) SOMETHING!? 

So yep.. nails and home  (which is an hour)  Per usually.

Also.. I got mine New Year's Eve and told SD we will probably be linked up. SD proceeded to tell me that BM claimed she got hers New Year's Day too! LOL I call BS. I mean it is a possibility but, i think she was just saying that to "bond" with SD. 

MOTY!! Haha 


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I call BS on BM. I would be flattered in a weird biological kind of way because as I am sure you know, women do sync up with women they are close to. I started my period late too and it was a horror show of 7 days of heavy bleeding. My BD is the same way as well, except she started hers at age 10, and she had excruciatingly painful cramps and mood swings. She opted to start birth control at a young age, far before becoming sexually active, and takes birth control month round without a week off to stop her period and alleviate other undesirable menstral symptoms.