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“You want to spilt it with me?”

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The lack of brain BM doesn't have is actually mind blowing. She texted SO asking if he will spilt the "million dollar stick" with her for SDs birthday soon. 

Here are the facts. The lacrosse stick is $275.. not a million.. a little pricey ok. BUT!! BM doesn't contribute A F'N THING TO ANY OF HER THREE KIDS LIVES!!!!!!!!!!! NOTHING! 

This triggered SO. He responded with I just spent $800 on driving school for her. BM responded with "does she know this lol." LOLL??!???!?? Wtf. 

SO said yes. And that it is her 16th and it's a bigger deal. BM responded with "I never got that for the boys lol." BM none of this is funny.

SO responded with she gets high honors, is good kid and she deserves it. BM responded with "you sound like her lol." NO ONE IS LAUGHING AT YOUR PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A PARENT!! 

SO didn't response after that... 

Its just fascinating to me that she contribuates ZERO for so many years OVER 10!! and STILL asked SO to spilt a f'n $275 gift. 

I'll add SD has been working on BM to get her this gift for the past week or so and it's getting closer to SDs bday. 


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I went back and re-read. I thought he actually wrote NO ONE IS LAUGHING AT YOUR PATHETIC EXCUSE FOR A PARENT!! 

That would have be the perfect response. 

I get it though, it's ridiculous that BM can't figure this out. It's not even like it's a frivolous gift. Its for her sport! 

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For SO and I it was just the audacity to even ask. She is soooo far removed on what it cost to raise not 1 but 3 kids! Telling SD it's a lot or "I can't afford that." Meanwhile having purchased a 2nd house, RV, multiple vechiles, motorcycles... Harley gear ain't cheap... designer clothes

SD also told SO that BM said because SO gave the boys $2500 (like that's even a lot of money) each for their cars that "he must be doing very well." SD replied that SO does as much as he cans for them... 

BMs game of playing victim or guilty the kids saying "that's what your father wanted." Or all the other excuses she's used I think are catching up to here.

Her new thing this past year with the whole "I would never have left your father." Has also morphed into the only reason she stayed with her husband so the kids would "have a house to go too." Like wtf. It's constant guilt tripping.. 

I mean I spent more on SDs friends for Xmas then this lady wants to spend on her kid for her 16th.

ALSO!! SD said she's trying to find it on a cheaper site. Just buy her the stick!! 

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"does she know this"... Omg what a reply. Yes like we only spend money on our kids if they know about it! Jeepers 

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Is she even ordered to pay child support ... or just doesn't?

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Not ordered because SO never pushed it when we went to court in the beginning of 2018. She only "fought" for 50/50 for those few months because she thought he wanted child support. He wanted nothing from her just an updated custody agreement. She ONLY took sat/sun EOWE. That never happened because once that was over they stopped going there totally.

SO prior was giving her not court order $650 a month when she was taking them EOWE. Because he was "afraid" IF she ever went after him... well it all worked it out in the end. 

She has not even offered a single penny towards any bill or their well being. "Because that's what your father wanted." 

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The youngest is the only minor now and eldest sd told daddy that biomum send her money to look after her sister when they were alienated from dad and disappeared of their own choosing. Their mum hasn't worked in 3 decades. Biomum isn't giving her money but money your dad gave to her and a portion at best.

its too much drama to deal with her so hubby continues a monthly allowance to eldest sd because she is taking care of younger sd. Their own choice to live together when reality is after biomum took off with them and disappeared and decided she couldn't be stuffed caring for them, she should have called my husband but nope, she faked some bogus imaginary terminal conditions so eldest sd would take on caring for younger sister when they could have called my husband but chose not to

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I feel your pain. So much with a BM that contributes NOTHING to her kids but expects the golden uterus medal around her neck for mother of the year. Infuriates me something chronic. 
DH paid for SS $300 camp and his school sport fees and gives her $400 a month CS and she just sits and waits for DH to pay until the last day it's due. School fees she wants DH to split it with her which he's agreed to do unless she gets it free from the government. So annoying. She gets $400 a month for CS for 50/50 care because she refuses to work longer hours that will diminish that. 

SS sport fees for outside of school at his club is due and every year she just gets her dad to pay for it so DH said she can organise for that to be paid and I paid for his camp. I shook my head and said you just gave her the green light to sit on her hands and not pay for a dime. AGAIN. 

Then, today she texted my husband a happy birthday message and hope he had a great day and he REPLIED AND SAID THANK YOU! 

I was so upset. This B*tch is manipulative and game playing and annoyingly single again!!! So she is trying to get her hoof in the door with DH and I am ropable he didn't ignore her text. We had a massive fight over it because he wanted to be 'polite'. Are you effing kidding me? It's been 6 years of toxic abuse from this b*tch does he forget that? So hopefully he will go back to not letting her try and meddle back into his life again. 

Haha sorry for my vent I just was triggered hard today and reading your post reminds me how similar the BMs we deal with are. 

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No worries! I would have been equally as pissed if SO responded to BM like that... why is she even wishing him a happy birthday?! ***eye roll*** why can't they just move on and go away??!!

I've been with SO 7 and half years now and it's really only been the last 1 1/2 that she's gone fairly quite. There really isn't anything to talk about.. they haven't been on "good" terms in over 5 but it took all those years of him basically ignoring her for her to only kind of get it??? 

The first time the skids even had dinner at her house in almost 5 years was a few days before Xmas this year because she went away on Xmas this year. She lives 3.5 miles away and she never even had them over to eat in 5 years... that's how far removed she is from being present in their lives 

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First, give her the USDA projections on how much it costs to raise a child from birth to age 18.

The Cost of Raising a Child | USDA

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), it costs $233,610 to raise a child to age 18. Adjusted for inflation, that figure is likely closer to $288,094 (see below for details). This figure includes the costs of food, housing, clothing, school supplies, healthcare, and more.Feb 13, 2023

Then send BM a spreadsheet showing the pittance she has contributed over the years on one tab.  On a second tab list the ostentatious consumption she has made on herself. 2nd home, cars, RV, etc....

After you scrub her nose on that large stinky stain on her life's carpet, share the USDA and BM support performance with the kids.


Kids need the facts.  So they can protect themselves from this crappy mother. Toxic people like her do not stop when the kids turn 18. The kids need the facts in order to protect themselves throughout their adult lives as well.

IMHO of course.


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A spread sheet would be awesome!! SO doesn't give her the fulfillment of conversation... that's what she wants whether it's bad or good.

I do think at some point SO will unleash on her and or the kids. SS18 barely talks to her.. he only sees her twice a year.. his bday and Xmas... and if he had a choice he probably wouldn't even do that...