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Of course!!!

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So we have to go out tonight with DHs family and SD17 as an early Father's Day dinner. She just got here to ride with us and I say to her " No gifts?" And she replies " I thought I was going to see him tomorrow"

It's not his weekend with her and both days she needs to see him??? EO Sunday is our only 2 days a month we get alone without work or other things and now I'll be spending part of it by myself because I refuse to hang  with her tomorrow too!  Yet again DH can't set boundaries or make plans so my day will be fucked!!


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I completely understand my 20 yr SD is a enabled mommas girl and always pops up unexpected and mlm always wonders why I just go read a book and let them enjoy each other ! We come in knowing and respecting that they are parents , but it seeems like they tend to forget that apart of any healthy relationship is boundaries and yes that includes saying hey kiddo sorry dad or mom is busy tomorrow but I'll catch up with you again sometimes soon ... it's ok to enjoy adult time as well at least yours is young and kind of has an excuse mines is a pregnant clingy adult who just honestly causes drama or needs to be the center of attention everywhere we go !! I hope things turn around for you soon ! Best of luck !

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Seriously though she couldn't figure out on her own that tonight was "Fathers Day"???? Everyone else in the family figured it out!

And "under communicative" DH  I guess just assumed she would know this and said something to her at the table  like he assumed she would know tonight was the day to celebrate it. But hey here's an idea - spell it out for her and tell her that!!

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We need way fewer of these random holidays, in my opinion.  Especially these days when parentage is so all over the place and the steps have to carry the brunt of it so our partners feel super loved and special.  

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I think MORE emphasis should be put on Fathers Day. So many good fathers are either marginalized, treated like a wallet, or just ignored. Society worships mothers, even the lousy ones. But the more we make the role of father something to focus on, celebrate and take pride in, perhaps the more dads will be appreciated and valued, and more will step up.

And frankly, we already have many holidays where it's the norm to make a fuss over kids (Christmas, Halloween, birthdays etc). More pressure should be put on kids to do right by their parents on the two days per year set aside for that purpose.


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Yeah she should have been able to figure out to bring the gift to dinner.  Some weekends are really tough to get through and she sure isn't helping things.

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She could have easily assumed this dinner was his fathers day with his dad...and that she would still see her own father separately on the actual date.