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There needs to be a prayer for SM's

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You know like the one "Lord grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change". 

I swear I could get by these weekends SD is here if she could just leave before I wake up on Mondays and Thursdays but every single mornng she is here it is either raining in the morning (which means DH doesnt have to go to work so he lets her sleep in as late as she wants before taking her home ) or it IS nice weather so DH leaves for work and BM has the day off from her job so she picks her up whenever pricness gets up.

Yup its going to rain again tomorrow morning! And this wekeend has been one of the worst for me in awhile. It's like one step foward two steps back with DH - its like he is treating SD this weekend like he did when I first met him. - Having to have her by his side non-stop and constantly be entertaining her!. Yesterday he LITERALLY asked her to stand next to him as he was staining the deck so she could block the sun from him. WTF??? 

He gave me shit becuase when I came back from the store I didnt run out to say hi to him.  As he put it: "Well since SD is outside I knew you wouldn't come outside to say hello so I thougtht I would come in and say hi".  Well guess what DH? You're right. Why should I come out? Its not like he is ever comfortable showing affection towards me in front of her. Then later right after dinner he's like "Come on SD let's go play darts." Then looks at me and says "You are welcome to play too but I'm sure you don't want too". It's like he loves to poke at the bear. He knows I can't stand being around her the entire weekend so why say anything? I have to eat 10 meals a month with her and have to sit outside after dinner on nice nights with her about 1/2 of those times. Thats enough"bonding time" for me.

And since they obvously didn't spend enough time together yesterday (Nonstop since she woke up) they played cards until 1am! He wakes up this morning all lovey dovey thinking everything is fine. Meanwhile I cried myself to sleep last night after looking at aparmtents in the state my brother lives in. More and more lately I just don't know if I can make it until she launches. 

I am just so over the dynamics when she is here!! Oh and the best part? Yesterday and again this morning SD saw a roach in her bathroom!!! Not to brag but my house is immaculatley clean! I clean all the time. In fact the entire house top to botoom was just cleaned Friday but what does SD do? Brings cookies up to eat in her bed!!! God forbid I tell DH thats why we have them becuase nothing is EVER her fault!




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Wtf! I seriously want to punch your DH in the face for you.

Not only does his not respect your feelings, but now he is verbally abusing you for not reading your script correctly for the Stepford-Stepmother role he created for you?

What a effing a$$.

I wouldn't give my DH "nookie" for at least a MONTH if he ever dare felt entitled to treat me like that.

Sorry Ginger, but I now officially hate your DH.

I think looking for another place to live is the best thing you could do for yourself. I'm glad you are taking care of you. I'm sorry your husband seems to relish being a total d!ck and making you cry. Aggressive

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I'd look right at him and tell him that he's right and it's his fault. He is raising SD to be unlikeable. 

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Dads and daughters... so annoying. Just be thankful that you don't have her full-time. It's the one part of my life that I wish was different.

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God grant me

Serenity while I am disengaging from the poo-flinging monkeys

Courage to maintain my boundaries

and the

Wisdom to know when it's time to cut bait.


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It's Sunday night!!

Let the games begin. I just sent my DH on a rum run, as we ran out yesterday... so perfect timing exJ!

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About how drinking is going up during lockdown. 

Mine is down. Guess lockdown is less stressful than step-life. (No skids here during lockdown)