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SD16 is now driving over here

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So for those of you that have skids that drive themselves over to you hose do you find that they come the milli-second your DH gets home or do they just come over a bit after? 

SD got her car and this is the first week driving over here.  DH texted her to say he was home just now so she could come over. (obviously he/she or both have decided for her not to come over until he gets here which I am estactic about since she had a 1/2 day today and could have been here at 12:30 instead of getting here at 4) It was seriously as if she was wating with the keys in her hand to leave and come here! 

I'm worried that with this new phase DH is still going to be so needy and make her clingy. She does whatever DH says so I worry that he is going to make her feel she has no freedom of coming when she wants and leaving a bit early some nights if she feels like it. This is the first week so I'm not going to say anything but just wondered if others have seen kids race over to spend every possible second with daddy.


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Sounds like she is really only planning on being there when DH is there, so a win for you, no more needing to worry she will be there while you work and waiting for her mother to pick her up.

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Now she can drive herself home. 

My kids had a weird relationship with my ex because he was so unreliable.  But once they started to drive, seeing him was up to them. Relief, I wasn't keeping them from him (his version to excuse his lapses).

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It could be a combination of things.. the novelty of her being able to have more autonomy over her life... when she sees her parents..   It could also be an excitement of being able to flex her new driving privileges as well.

Hopefully it will continue to at least be limited to only when he might be home so you aren't faced with entertaining her.

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Well BM doesn't allow SD17 to bring her car to our house so it looks DH will be the taxi forever. Lol 


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When I got my license I was super excited to drive and would drive everywhere. My mom loved it because I would do errands for her. Could just be she was waiting to get somewhere to drive to

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Tell sd that she must stick with the visitation schedule and your kids aren't sharing their dad any more than they have too.

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OP doesn't have kids and SD did stick to visitation schedule.