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DH scored big points

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DH scored some big points this weekend! 

He actually acted 100% like himself the entire weekend. Sweet,funny affecionate! AND even helpful with chores!

He took SD16 with him when he went out Saturday and Sunday (Just driving around looking at estimates for his job and getting her fast food drive thru for lunch) so I had a couple hours each day to myself in the house.

And it was a rainy morning so he couldn't go to work but instead of letting her sleep in till noon he got her up and took her home! 

I'm still pissed about him not considering missing his Wednesday visitation but I am trying to see it though his eyes. I know he loves to see her and going 9 days (which it would be f he didnt see her till next Wed) is a long time for him. I just wish BM woudl stop working at the day care! If she did I wouldnt be worried about SD coming over here.