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Of course SD came this weekend sick!!!

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I am so sick and tired of SD needing to come here when she's sick!!! I hate DH so much right now! First she tried to say it was just allergies. Then DH never had the balls to tell me she actually has a cold! Meanwhile last night he kept dipping into her queso at dinner! I only truly found out just now she's sick because he didn't want her going across the street to our neighbors bday party for their 5 year old. When I asked why he finally said she "wasn't feeling well"! 

I was sick for 3 weeks in February and had a bad cough for 3 months . I still cough way today much. I fear I've done permanent damage to my lungs but does that matter? Nope all that matters is his 10 days a month visitation come hell or high water! 

Oh and his brother is coming over for dinner tonight. I told him I would be plating up everyone's dinner and he actually had the nerve or the stupidity to ask me why!!!


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SD comes over with some sort of cough or sniffle. Her immune system is low because she doesn't eat anything but processed foods and packet food her mother gives her. Now I have a baby it's super frustrating forever disinfecting the house. She lies too so lord knows if she even washes her hands. 

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The part about your DH continuing to dip into her queso is what i would have a problem with, if he expects any intimacy. 

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If she has symptoms of a respiratory infection is she not being tested for Covid-19? If she became ill while she was at her mother's shouldn't she have stayed there? I realize a cold is no big deal during normal times (at least to the person who had it, although it may affect any recipient more harshly) but these are not normal times. 

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Not SD.  He is the adult, He picked her up sick,  

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I did! That's why I said I'd was so pissed at DH!! I never said anything negative about her.

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This would be enough for me to move out temporarily.

Dipping into a sick 16 year old's queso and then saying she is too sick to be around children, but it's ok for her to be around you, is disturbing. So now your DH decides when it's ok to potentially expose you to a world pandemic?

Nope. Just Nope.

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So is this the tipping point where you realize your DH doesn't care, or do you need to be on your deathbed with the plague for it to set in that SD is #1 when she's around/available, never you?

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Do you honestly expect your DH not to see his kid because she has a cold?  Seriously?

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Actually yes! She's 16 and not a little kid so he should be weaning off of the strict visitation and One weekend for the first time in six years wouldn't kill him. And is it a cold? Who knows at this point. And I again have health issues still from last winner so of course I'm super paranoid about getting anything especially God forbid Covid.  Also he should have told me BEFORE she even got here! I could've made sure to stay away from her made sure to disinfect things right behind her etc. and eating off of her plate Friday night? That was just BS if he knew she was sick

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times, perhaps no - but during a pandemic? How can that possibly be okay? If he is unwilling to postpone a visit he could have taken his daughter to a hotel and then quarantined there afterwards.