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What smart SM's do....

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Smart SM's make sure the BM's are safe and healthy! 

So another little thing that happened this weekend is that I found out one of my neighbors was making face masks so I aksed her if I could get a couple. I was going to ask for just 2 but when she said sure how many do you need I bumped it up to 4. One for me, one for DH, one for SD and one for BM. Why? Becuase if BM's die SM's know where the skids go FULL TIME.

I will do anything and everything I can to keep BM healthy for at least a few more years! :-) 

Abbreviation for hypocrite- 2 letters: DH

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So I am still not over the BS of our anniversary. I'm still so hurt and angry with things DH said and basically how he handled things but when 3 hunan beings are forced to stay home all weekend I took the high road and acted fine all weekend but then doesn't DH do something to piss me off again!!!

(Un) Happy Anniversary Update part two...

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So last night I served the frozen casserole. It was actually really good but DH is still smart enough to know that me serving that instead of a fancy dinner was my way of saying "F** You". He didnt say anything about it last night but he did this morning.

Anyways last night was a bust. Frozen casserole followed by sitting on the couch watching tv where he fell asleep. I was glad he did so I could have a couple hours by myself (I went and sat on our back deck)

Anniversary update

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So last night I basically just ignored DH. I was nice to SD and talked to her at dinner but the rest of the night I was on the phone with my Uncle , my brother and a neighbor. Then went to bed. 

Tried to be the adult this morning so when DH was leaving I said "What no kiss?" (I was still in bed andhe always gives me a kiss goodbye) He said he didnt know if I wanted one. I really didnt but I didnt want the whole day to turn to shit either. If he left in a pissy mood he would have come home in one. So he gives me a quik peck and goes off to work

So much for a Happy Anniversary!

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DH came home for just a minute before getting SD. He was all lovey dovey but the milisecond I tried to ask him to talk to SD tomorrow before dinner he immediatley got pissed!

As he was leaving I said "Oh I wanted to talk to you before you got her in case you wanted to say something tonight to her or maybe you will want to wait til tomorrow but I have a request. I would like it if you talk to her before dinner and we both have our phones put away for the evening".

Hoping for a vote from other SM’s

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So if any of you saw an older blog from me my DH's and my 5 year wedding anniversary is this Friday. How funny/sad that just a couple months ago I had planned for us to go to a beautiful b&b Thursday night and wake up on our actual anniversary there and enjoy the afternoon before picking SD16 up for the weekend since it's our weekend with her. 

Ooops typo!!! This was supposed to say : Positive thoughts for SM's NOT BM'swho are still having skids flip flop from house to house

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So I have been stressed/worried about the alternationg of SD16. I was pissed at first becuase I felt like I had no say. That my life was beign determined by not only DH but his ex wife and I hated that! 

Quick question

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When skids (or your bio kids) are in their bedrooms do they normally leave the doors open or closed? Talking 15 years and up.:..

SD16 is in her room a lot more this past year which is awesome but always with the diir open. It's 10pm and she went to "chill" before bed in her room but the f'ing door is open. I hate it because her room is at the top of the stairs. AKA able to hear and see just about 100% of what is said and done throughout the entire house! 

Ideas of how I can get her to close the door without pissing off DH because of course he will have an issue! 

I swear I should just lick toilet seats just like the stupid teenagers!

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I mean it can't be any worse than my home life is these days! DH and BM are still sticking to the visitation schedule so I can never NOT have SD16 here long enough to make my home germ free. She was here last Wed. then this past weekend until Monday morning. She is here again tonight . But hey then I get a whole whopping 6 days break from her. (Not long enought to do any good). BM is still workig at the daycare. DH is still woking. Plus he ended up at urgent care on Monday when he cut his hand with a power saw! (No matter what, going to a hospital is just like walking into the fire)

DH scored big points

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DH scored some big points this weekend! 

He actually acted 100% like himself the entire weekend. Sweet,funny affecionate! AND even helpful with chores!

He took SD16 with him when he went out Saturday and Sunday (Just driving around looking at estimates for his job and getting her fast food drive thru for lunch) so I had a couple hours each day to myself in the house.

And it was a rainy morning so he couldn't go to work but instead of letting her sleep in till noon he got her up and took her home!