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The joy of another skid weekend begins...

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So DH just walked in the door earlier than usual. His normal routine on days he has to get SD is to get home around 2. Then leave here at 2:30 to get her by 3 at her school or BM's. Well he came in at 1 with her bag ( she packs a bag the weekends she is here and leaves it on BM's porch for DH to pick up). Usually he gets it after he's picked SD up. So I guess to be funny he yells out into the garage (the door he came in) "X come in this way"pretending she was here.

Update to talks with SD and DH - unexpected (and sad) outcome!

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So last Wednesday I blogged about the conversation I had with SD16 in front of DH. Quick summary: She was being very negative and uninterested in so many things. I was kind of pushing her that night about some things and I am sooo glad I did. (And yes DH was a douche that night trying to shut me up. Now he is realizing that it was good that I did). 

DH lumping me in the same category as SD

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So a little background- about 1 1/2 years ago I decided to stop doing SD16 laundry. Basically I decided enough was enough when she tried special requesting things ( line dry her bras,  not wanting  certain tops in the dryer). Well surprise surprise when I said she was old enough to start doing her own laundry her clothes starting going back to BM's. ( she still has her sheets, underwear and towels to do here)