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Afternoon w/out SD16

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It's amazing how just a few hours with SD out of the house just makes for an AMAZING Sunday afternoon!!!! She's been gone 6 whole hours but sadly Dh just left to pick her up.... 

I wonder if DH sees the change in me?

And I know he would never admit but he was in an awesome mood all day too.

So here's my FD story...

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Actually all- in-all it went great. DH and I ended up going away for the weekend and got back home a little after 4pm. I had told him that I didnt care if we went out to eat with SD16 or if he preferred I said I would cook dinner. I was the one pushing for us to have a meal with her becuase at first he was talking about just going over to BM's house so she could give hm her gift. While I dont love spending etra time with SD I also know how much seeing his daughter on Father's Day meant to DH so I was fine with spending last night with her. He chose for us to out to eat.

DH made a baby step

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DH made a baby step. So as most of you now DH really F'd up our anniversary by being a first class Dbag. His reaction about not telling SD16 we had plans that Thursday night and he needed to talk to her before dinner caused a huge fight with us. He did try to make up for it by taking us away the next weekend but I am still bitter about how he acted. 

And technically SD was here on our actual anniverary which was on Friday not that Thursday. ( I was trying to compromise and celebrate a day early).

Correcting DH in front of SD

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So I cooked dinner tonight like I do most nights when SD16 is here. She should know by now that we expect her to HELP clean up after dinner. ( I am always helping do some of it) and it's been like this for over a year. But lately she just sits on her ass as I'm starting to clean up and more and more lately I have had to say something to get her to make her get  up and help. So I had said something tonight. DH goes " Yes SD can you help me clean up dinner". 

Just 3 examples within one hour of why I hate when SD16 is here...

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1) Someone posted under one of my blogs that I should "fake her out" when she tried to follow DH and I everywhere and never let us have a second alone in a room. Well I didnt even need to do it tonight. DH did without even realizing it! We got back from dinner and I went out back to call my brother. DH came out to join me. SD was literally inches behind him. He saw I was on the phone so he went back in . So SD trend around and went back in right behind him Then he started to go up the stairs so she ran up ahead of hi but he decided to sit in the livng room instead so he stopped.

Feeling sorry for DH

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I know I come on here to bitch and I know I make my DH sound like an Ahole and trust me has said and done some stupd, even cruel things but I know at his core he is a good man that loves me AND his daughter. It's like he just can't figure out how to act when we are all together. 

Anxiety I can't shake..

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Someone posted about being anxious about this weekend. Funny I've been anxious for a couple weeks now and I cant shake it. 

I keep thnking how SD16 is going to be starting 11th grade next year and my fear is that things will be just like they have been: I don't see DH or BM doing jack shit to get her prepared for college. I see them getting her a car (BM just called DH about that on Mothers DAy. The bitch texted at 8:30 am about it. Like what? You wanted to remind DH on Mother's Day that you're the amazing woman that brought his precious daughter into the world?)

OMG Covid-19 is going to push me over the edge!!!

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So yes I am annoyed with SD's hovering when she is here. We all know that.

I was so looking foward to this summer when she could go to our neighborhood pool with a friend so she wouldnt be up our butts so much becuase this summer she is 16. (They dont allow children under 16 to be at the pool without a parent) So what did our neigborhood association just do? Post new rules that no one can have outside guests! And of course the only 2 friends SD has don't live in our nieghborhood. 

Ok it's game on!!!!

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So I have posted about this issue before and messaged privately someone else on here tonight about this issue but I have decided enough is enough! 

SD16 has had an annoying habit of never letting DH and I be alone. I tried to ignore it for YEARS but she is 16 and I am sick of it!!!

I have been racking my brains trying to figue out if :

a) She is jealous fo DH and I being alone together

b) Uncomfortable being around DH if I'm not in the room or

c) Being passive/aggressive